Here’s What I Wonder…

I wonder how long it takes for that new contributor at Cabin Boy Unread (what’s his name again? PUBIS VERMINOUS or something? There sure is something familiar about his writing style)…

I wonder how long it takes PUBIS VERMINOUS’s tits to stop jiggling when he lies down, because I’ll bet a tall stack of cash it’s been 30 years or more since he last broke into a run, even while racing to the toilet.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

27 thoughts on “Here’s What I Wonder…”

    1. "I wonder how long it takes for that new contributor at Cabin Boy Unread (what’s his name again? PUBIS VERMINOUS or something?"

      MOOBius Verminous fo sho.

      Fat, gelatinous bastard. *shudder*

  1. For sure Hinckley looks like he's done a lot of things more strenuous than tapping on a keyboard [F5,F5,F5, . . .] or lifting a glass of JWR. And wasn't there a restraining order covering this sort of thing? And shouldn't the DF be getting prepared for a soon to be delivered legal hiding?

  2. Like a bowl full of jello.... the racist Fatasses moobs have probably remained in perpetual motion since the last time he actually moved faster than a determined waddle.

    At least AD can run, you putrid racist turd.

    Has your retarded blow up ho shut his/its nasty snaggletooth cock wallet and made my sammich yet?

  3. I wonder how long it takes for the motel to stop shaking when Bill "runs" to the bathroom to keep from soiling his Depends?


    Too bad you are both fat and evil, you racist motherfucker.

    1. I realized that it is not that I am not as fat as Bill, or that I can actually run when he can't even waddle safely that bugs Bill. No, the thing that really bugs him is that I am a decent enough human being that I can build a relationship with a dog where I can ask the dog to do things like agility. I can be out in public with my dog, with no leash or collar, no toy or treats, amid tons of distractions, and still get my dog to do the difficult things I ask of it. One of his dogs runs away, and he was like "Meh. It will probably find a better home." He took in and then abandoned two pets in Iowa in the span of just a few months - who DOES that kind of thing? I hope he at least took them to a shelter, and didn't just drive them out into a cornfield and dump them, or worse, sold them to a Korean restaurant.

      I guess we should be glad he didn't pull a Michael Vick and get into dog fighting - he is soulless enough for something so depraved.

      1. Impressive. My dog's not aggressive or vicious, but she's half hound and if I didn't keep her on a leash, she'd just follow whatever scents caught her fancy.

        She's a cuddly girl though, and gets along well with everyone.

      2. he's more of burlap bag thrown in a river kind of guy.

        and when he wants to proclaim his proper treatment of past dogs, all he has to do is have the person who he adopted them with drop an email or post here, unless of course there is no one in the world that is willing to have contact with him anymore and then he'll just have to forge yet one more identity and partial email. try to come up with a better sock than Doggus Takencareofrightus.



      Your threats are as toothless as your blow-up boyfriend.

      Now go get your fucking shinebox while your meth mouth ho finishes my sammich.

      1. What is the lying motherfucker gonna do, SUE YOU??

        Because that's been working out so well for him the last four years...

        1. I can gar-un-damn-tee one thing...

          That Failwhale ever manages to put 1+1 together and figure out my identity (not likely but not impossible), then is fucking dumb enough to try and sue me for butthurt...

          I will make it my mission in life to legally utterly destroy him... and his blow-up boyfriend too.

          When I am legally done with you, you fat racist twatwaffle, you won't have the means or desire to fuck with people ever again. John Hoge is gonna seem like a sweet summer dream after I am done with your racist ass, Fatty.

          Simply put....

          Bring it, motherfucker.

  5. Just look at the mutual love and trust between man & beast in AD's photo. It's the sort of life-long commitment that says "I won't sell you to the Korean BBQ the second I find a new slave several states away".


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