Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

That’s nothing compared to the overconfidence of Mr. O-for-7-Going-on-8 Pro Se Prosecutor.

And speaking of hubris and GS-13 writer-editor-dimwits, this deserves some fresh exposure.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. He forgot the department of stolen valor
    Oh wait! That's fact just like his stage eleventy fakinsons.

  2. "Loves me some hubris from the Hogewash Board of Legal Review and Neurology..."
    2:54 PM - Aug 4, 2017

    Curious because hubris is what exactly has been missing from Mr. Fakinsons tweets since team free speech's filing dropped.

    Unfortunately for Mr. Fakinsons the word "hubris" doesn't mean what he thinks it means. Let's see. The "review board" has not been wrong ONCE since your pathetic lolsuit has been filed. The "review board" has used public documents to show you've stolen valor (which you conveniently never protest- why is that?) and are an adjudicated cyberstalker. The "review board" has used your own actions of going from supposedly needing the red scooty puff of VrOOM VROOM to being able to drive and make long distance trips by yourself show you at best have been deceptive about your stage eleventy fakinsons.

    Its not hubris its stating the obvious.

    Of course I for one would LOVE you to bring your fakinsons into court. The lulz as you try to use pathetic govt documents instead of a current neurologist would be DELICIOUS!

    Tick tock, shakes.

  3. Poor William. Such dreadful luck to lose these most deserving suits. How does an individual who keeps telling us they have a sterling reputation keep having such bad luck? Fate is a cruel mistress, but at least she has better teeth.

  4. Dang it. While I was working I missed the signup for the new board. I wonder if it’s too late up for the board of open mockery of dumb fuck.

    Phone, work cafeteria.

  5. Is bs a fan of the @lenadunham or is she a fan of bs?

  6. Dear Bill,

    Is this the same "review board" that pointed out fatal errors in your filings that you used to amend your complaint TWICE?

    If so, shouldn't you start listening to them on a more regular basis?


    1. working at home within months and disability in about 8. pretty short time to qualify for a disability.

      If DF has actually been telling the truth all along and he was a GS-13 making that much and got a disability retirement after working for them for such a short time then that is a complete indictment of civil service employment and he should be a poster child for all manner of GS reform campaigns.

  7. Hubris is assuming that not one of the lickspittle horde/cult is a qualified neurosurgeon. Shoot man! the lead-off batter is a quantum mechanic! Scarcely think we'd going downhill from there.

    Want some schadenfreude everyone? DF is not a troll but a failed troll. He has never gained the upper hand on anyone here and is constantly failing to do. Which means he has to say things which he positively has to know are flat out lies in order to try and claw his way back into a superior position he never held in the first place. I couldn't craft a better hell for him than he has himself.

    LEIAF, DF!

    1. Well put, Kyle. Ramping up nastiness eventually reaches a point of diminishing returns, and Team Kimbergarten is well beyond that point by now.


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