12 thoughts on “Fun with Free Speech & Fair Use”

  1. "Free Speech for meeeee... but, not for thee."

    – The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt

    Friggin' tool.

    1. What is this wide-eyed, raised eyebrow look they both seem to go for in their selfies? It certainly doesn't make them look any wiser.

      And when are the nuptials, now that he's been told that yes he violated the legally binding agreement, but oh, well, just don't do it again, or is he waiting until LOLsuit VIII is put out of its misery?

      Do we have a pool in the breakroom for how soon after that event we see him file LOLsuit IX? Or move to another jurisdiction? I wonder what our current odds are for that happening after the wedding vs. quickly enough for the happy event to be delayed.

      1. He says he is moving into permanent lodging on Thursday, upstairs lodging from the way described.

        By teh way that laxative do not work, still has his head up his ass.

      2. He's trying to hide his neck, for one, and he doesn't ever seem to understand he isn't cute. He thinks he's cute. But he has a peculiar short midface (short nose, with feminine angle) and a hideous upside down mouth that seems to have been warped by years of unpleasant speech and emotions.

        1. Balz banging off his chin for all these years has that effect on his troll like cockholster.

  2. Remember the time he recounted the amusing incident where, as an adult, he shit in his mother's living room chair? Oh he is such a card!

  3. Really, he looks like he just sat on a traffic pylon and it is slowly working its way into his bowel. And he's enjoying it. As for permanent residence, wouldn't a second floor abode be difficult with Fakinson's Stage Eleventy!!111!!!??


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