DUMBFUCKS Can’t Metaphor

…nor can they remember what they wrote two hours ago, even when it’s staring them in their fat, ignorant, racist faces:

“QB drops back to the 30 AND HURLS THE BALL.

Sounds like a forward pass to me, you fucking moron.

“A defensive lineman bats the ball IN THE AIR.

Still doesn’t sound like a fumble, you ignorant pigfucker.

Because that’s not what you said, you revisionist racist pinhead.

Oh, and if you really want to talk about where the metaphor falls apart, it’s right here:

I think you have a couple numbers flipped around. That Hail Mary you think you threw? If it provided you any benefit at all, it brought you within 58 with 2 seconds to play, not the other way around.

You are an ignorant, pigfucking racist pinhead moron, and you obviously have no idea how thoroughly you have fucked yourself in Maryland.  I’d love to educate you, but simian scholarship just doesn’t fit the business model around here.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

17 thoughts on “DUMBFUCKS Can’t Metaphor”

  1. Don't hold back, tell us what you really think!

    Schmalfeldt doesn't have delusions of grandeur... He has delusions of sentience.

    And, Bill? If you don't like the fact that you're a laughing stock, reviled as a creepy stalking asshole... Maybe you should try not being such an idiotic revolting creepy stalking asshole.

  2. I really thought that Bill wasn't going to show for the trial in Maryland, no matter how bad of an idea that was. But when he showed up in North Carolina, I changed my mind. He realized he can't use the excuse from the last time Hoge beat him in actual court - that Hoge told Bill Hoge wouldn't pursue the case. Bill knows it is happening now. And despite his ADA Billshit claims, he has to show. He'll lose too much face with Di Kelley and himself if he doesn't show, and he can't have that. He can't risk being shown as such a coward.

    Off Topic: What happened with the wedding bells for the lucky couple? They were gonna get married in "a month" two months ago, so Meth Mouth could get some much needed dental work. The over-sharers haven't said a peep about it in quite some time. Could there be strife in the happy couple? Could someone be realizing that they have tried to hitch their star to a real boat anchor, that is soon going down in flames? It would be tough to be married to someone with a >$500K judgment against them, and no real source of serious money.....

  3. I have no idea why he thinks the Hoge v. Kimberlin et al suit is even a close game. Every one of Schmalfeldt's motions has either been dismissed or ignored. His petition to testify via Skype happened three times until he abused it.

    However, a civil suit is nothing like a football game. Scores don't matter until trial. You can lose every motion, every objection and still win a case. This phase is about getting your team ready to play and having a good playbook.

    Here, dumbfuck screwed himself in discovery. This has the same effect as losing your two deep to suspensions for bad off the field conduct, medical issues and bad trades.

    So when its time to play, he's screwed. If he chooses not to show up, he forfeits. He won't win against Maryland in an ADA suit. He'll get laughed out of the league, the state, and most likely when he gets back to his South Carolina Hotel by everyone else in America.

    He needs to stop using sports metaphors. Well, he just needs to stop in general because it's really embarrassing for him.

  4. I read those tweets many times and for the life of me cant figure out the point he trying to make. He doesn't understand football and obviously doesn't understand how trials work.

    I would suggest that he sticks to the shit he knows but what he knows is shit.

    Finally Home from Vacation. Media Server , Home Office.

  5. "But Hoge wants to rub my face in it." This really demonstrates Shakey's problem. *Everything* he does to others is personal, despite his random claims to it just being investigative journalism or some other such bullsh*t. He takes everything personally. That's why he sues over butthurt. So he can't function well [at all, really] in a system designed to take the 'personal' out.

    No, Hoge isn't just winning and trying to rub that win into your face. Hoge is an engineer who is methodically grinding you and your behaviors into legal fine dust to the point where you'll never be able to inflict your evil, toxic activities on others ever again. [Well, maybe on the InflataSkank if 'she' hangs around, but no one online.] There is little to nothing personal about it. Perhaps he gains satisfaction from doing a good deed for the greater public of which we're all a part. If so it is well-deserved.

    In fact, it's the lack of being personal on Hoge's part that makes his work so effective. He doesn't need to call names or insult you [we Lickspittles can handle that part] to do the job right. Engineers understand process and tolerances, which PotatoHead clearly doesn't. Hoge has calibrated his legal work and uses the legal machinery available to grind IdiotBoy and his PedoMaster so fine that nothing visible will be left.

    When one was expecting, nay hoping for, a "barroom brawl" and finds himself being nibbled to death by ducks it must be very psychologically upsetting.

  6. https://twitter.com/turkresisting/status/897495695221039104

    So you admit that your fat fucking meal ticket "heavily processed" the audio of the court hearing to pull out John Hoge's voice for use in his unfunny and untalented "music" posting and the audio he played on a webcast you participated in?

    Or are you lying? (SHOCKED FACE!!)

    Because the video posted on YouTube of the neckless thumbhead during the hearing has very clear audio of the Judge and Hoge.


    It's amazing that the two of you can remember to breathe...

    1. "Newsflash: You recorded your *own* face and voice only, anything else had to be *heavily* processed to be audible. That is in your rights."

      How does one process something that wasn't recorded?

      1. The rules ban recording court proceedings, not the court room. Either he was part of the proceedings, or he didn't appear for that hearing.

      2. These two idiots invent more nonexistent "rights" in an hour than can be counted. None of which are "rights". There is no "right" to record yourself in a court hearing.

    2. If Skype'ing in to a hearing is not making the motel room part of the courtroom, then Bill never showed up "in court" for that hearing. Either he was "in court" when he made that recording, or he skipped the hearing. And if the motel room is not "in court", he can't Skype in from there for the Show Cause hearing, even as he requested, because he has to be "in court" for that (and the trial).

      I know, I know. It is just more of the insane bullshit that Bill Schmalfledt tries to throw around, hoping that he muddies the waters enough that he can escape his just desserts. If his goal wasn't to cause so much pain and anguish in people, his antics would be extremely entertaining. The lies, the Billogic, the legal filings that may as well have been written in crayon - they are the sources of great PLM, but let's not forget that he is both crazy and evil, and, as such, is a stain on humanity.

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjM5ses6XY8

    Yeah... you're a lying fucking POS just like that fat lying POS your cohabiting with in a flea infested no-tell motel in Bumfuck, South Kakalakee.

    The audio wasn't "heavily processed." Your POS boyfriend recorded the court feed from Skype and is now facing the music.

    I hope he gets thrown in jail for contempt and you get thrown out on your nasty azz.

    Gonna be hard to game all day from a cardboard box by the river, blow up ho.


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