20 thoughts on “But, But, But…Sympathy FER MUH PORKINSON’S!!”

  1. "Monster"? What did he do, leave a bomb at a grade school? Deal drugs? Committ forgery multiple times?

    Oh, wait, no. That's Bill's "excellent friend" that did all that.

    1. Now, let's be accurate. It was a high school. Falsely accusing someone of setting a bomb at a grade school when they actually set it at a high school is libel per se if you know who to ask...

      1. Wait a minute, falsely accusing someone of being someone's "excellent friend" when he is really his partner in midget pornography is libel per se if you know who to ask...

      2. IOW, falsely accusing someone of writing cub scout pron when he is really writing pron about boy scouts that are too young to be in the boy scouts is libel per se if you know who to ask...(sorry BPO, beat you to it)

      3. In my defense, a high school *is* a grade school. The last few grades, but still a grade school.

        1. This is going to have to be adjudicated. We'll get back to you. Govern yourself accordingly.

          - Management

  2. Falsely accusing someone of being 5'10" when actually 5'11" is libel per se if you know whom to ask. Moreover, it is, if you know whom to ask, a HIPPA violation to divulge someone's height. Finally, if you know whom to ask, it is abuse of process to prevail in a judicial proceeding against someone alleging Parkinson's Disease.

    Amazing what you can learn if you only know whom to ask.

  3. Amazing how he still seems to think banging that Lefty Drum will "Gain Him Friends and Influence People". In almost anyone else that level of desperation would be sad/

  4. Accusing someone of sitting in a flophouse frantically abusing himself into sexual gratification over the thought of Roger Stone being molested in prison is libel per se, if you know who to ask.

    Oops, its not. Truth is a defense.

    1. Shaky's whore of a grandma should have ripped out the whole defective bloodline with a coat hanger... then bled to death.

      Only way to be sure those fucked up genetics don't pollute the world.

    2. Q: What do William "valor stealing Parkinson's faking adjudicated cyberstalking shitbag" Shmalfeldt and his LOLsuit have in common?

      A: They both should have been killed in the crib.

  5. Once again desperately attempting to inject himself into a political topic well above his weight class.

    What I found funny is the way he throws the word "republic" around. Republics depend on personal responsibility, community service and liberty as outlined in the constitution. If a republic REALLY existed the government teat wouldn't exist so having fakinsons wouldn't let you sit home all day doing fuck all to contribute.

    Bonus irony points for supposedly loving the republic but hating republicans.

    1. "I'm not going back to work."

      A great line from just a few weeks back. Excellent. Attribution as appropriate to whoever made it.

      1. I'd be amazed if he ever did an honest day's work in his life (with an exception for those days when he was being supervised by whatever the Navy calls its drill instructors.)

        His entire life seems to scream "malingering douchecanoe."

  6. https://twitter.com/breitbitnews/status/895459451439767552

    Let me guess, you racist stalking motherfucker...

    All Asian women look alike to you? Only thing they are good for is mail order bride?

    Game on, you racist piece of rat shit...

  7. Wow, his latest attack on the lawyer who kicked his ass reeks of real desperation. He's flinging poo around like an angry monkee.

    Methinks there is desperation in casa de failure.


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