The Correct Answer Is…

“Fuck you, stalker.”

And relax, Bill.  I’m sure the address on the next restraining order will be completely valid. In the meantime, remember the wisdom of Woody Allen:

“80 percent of success is showing up.”

And the wisdom of Paul Krendler:

“Check the bus schedule.”



Author: Paul Krendler

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17 thoughts on “The Correct Answer Is…”

      1. I love how Bill thinks it impossible to live in two places in the same month. I've had multiple addresses for several months at a time. E.g. When we bought our house we continued to rent the unit a few miles away for three months while we moved everything out; renting while doing the moving ourselves around our work schedules was cheaper than hiring movers.

        I legitimately had three addresses within a one month time span when my husband was transfering duty stations. I left our old house, moved to another state and stayed with family for the two weeks until my husband could leave, and then we stayed together in the Navy Lodge for two weeks until the rest of the family guests left (this was over Christmas) and we all moved back in with family for about a month until we got housing. So four legit residences in just over two months. And not evicted from a single one!

    1. His betters? That doesn't rule out too many people.

      Although... coming soon to a Federal Courthouse near you... "Schmalfeldt v. Everyone in the Entire World (excepting his excellent friend.)"

      1. DARVO: Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim/Offender.

        Classic malignant Narcissist.

        1. See also:

  1. "Lady Di and I got rejected as tenants for a very nice residence today. I asked why. "All the negative info about you on Google," was (sic) reply"

    Google bombing is easy, and only semi-permanent - you should, however, see the very interesting stuff a criminal background check and/or a credit report will turn up on one "William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr."

    It ain't pretty.

    When you have 8 or 10 companies, with subsidiaries and cutout corporations, you can wage a multi-year credit battle than will drive a credit rating down into the 320 range...and keep it there.

    The criminal record portion is harder...I'll keep some secrets on techniques, there.

    You are most welcome, Dear Cousin Rapist. Enjoy your personal hell...

  2. I heard he was evicted from the roach hotel in Myrtle Beach, and that's the real reason why he is looking for new housing.


      HA! You're hilarious, dumbfuck. So the roach motel did indeed kick your ass out, huh? They probably couldn't stand you yelling at your computer screaming "HOOOOGGGGGEEEE!" every minute.


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