6 thoughts on “That’s Right, GET BACK UNDER THE PORCH!”

  1. Awe and here I thought he doxed me and I was being added.

    I am disappoint.

    On the bright side, Suburban Extended Stay has 2.9 stars according to google, so this is an upgrade. Kind of hard to argue damages renting when u moved to a place rated higher than your previous one.

    PS- yea, that sentence talking about lacking subpoena power, get used to it.

    1. Is this the first time he's ever done something sensible in a case? Did he have a moment of clarity? Did he learn something?

      Nah, you and Krendler are right: he's just a mewling mangina.

  2. Anyone who wants their contributions back from the "DoeRoePoe Legal Defense & Vextatious Litigant Retribution Fund" can contact Janet in Legal for a refund or repurposing of their contributions.

    Gotta say, raising almost $50k in less than a week is an admirable feat!

    1. I told Janet just to move my contribution to the "Roy's Next Shindig" fund.

      1. As did I, davidd.

        I missed the last shindig hosted by Cousin Roy. *insert sad face here*

        However, I don't plan on missing the next one. See y'all the end of August!


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