Stalkers Gonna Stalk

First of all, stalker, your definition of “friend” is seriously fucked up.

Second, if I were in Ashterah’s shoes, I would answer such questions if they were asked by

  1. A competent authority;
  2. An incompetent authority;
  3. A competent non-authority.

Since Bill Schmalfeldt is neither competent nor an authority (he hasn’t asked any questions about poop, has he? Because that changes the math a little), he can go fuck himself.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “Stalkers Gonna Stalk”

  1. If I were in her shoes, I'd be presenting screenshots, along with the relevant URLs, to the authorities (police, courts), along with a history of prior interactions with Bill, and asking "what remedies can you provide for such egregious misbehavior?"

  2. You know, it's kind of hard to believe how long he's been like this. The records show just like this on the satellite radio site, Daily Kos, etc. years ago. Do you suppose he's always been like this? If so he must be missing some important brain cells, or got them damaged.

  3. Probably why he has been discharged from every job and even the Navy. Constitutionally incapable of not assuming he is the reigning authority in any arena and therefore always running up against the properly constituted authority with his patented bullshit.

  4. She has not a single obligation to assist him in any way with his lawsuit. He has to do the work. Harassment will not help him. If the US Marshal's can serve her, then that's all he needs.

    Trying to make a case out of where she lived when a restraining order was issued is just his way of showing he has no idea what he's doing. In short, it only confirms he continues to be stupid. All this evidence can be used for more legal action.

    The only thing he gets is PLM. That's it.

    1. What amazes me is he's apparently still butt-hurt over the restraining order. I can't imagine being so angry over someone saying "go away and don't bother me".

      1. Neither can I, but neither of us are narcissitic sociopaths. Though this latest behaviour may be wandering close to psychopath territory.

        Adulterous Unca Biwwy had the chance to contest the RO, back last January. He couldn't be bothered, and now he has to live with the fact that one was granted. If he'd just shut up and leave people alone when they tell him to FOADIAF the rest of the world would be much happier.

        But right now? I'm just waiting to see what happens in August. 😀

        I don't think he can simply pretend the MD case isn't happening, default with no consequences, and then win anything he might have lost in MD back with his abortion of an SC case.


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