Speaking of Adorable…

I think it’s ADORABLE how thoroughly Bill Schmalfeldt has screwed himself by failing to take seriously the discovery process AND the orders of the court.

So VERY fucking stupid!

But FUN to watch.

And I can’t wait until his techniques are – well, that’s a little premature, isn’t it?

And we don’t educate the Massive Malodorous Mayo Munching Monkey of Myrtle Beach.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “Speaking of Adorable…”

  1. He doesn't even take his own cases seriously. How is it that a man can file suits in four different jurisdictions and realize it's not location, location,location as the problem?

    1. Not such that he realizes he can't undo it, not without the judge whose order to appear he took a crap all over cutting him a YUUUUGE break.

      I'm not of the opinion that Judge Hecker will be so moved.

    2. Oh, my. He has no idea what he did to himself, does he?

      Oh, my. He has no idea what brett did to him, does he?

      That's better and fits the facts.


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