17 thoughts on “So, Uh…Yeah”

    1. Well, it would 'threaten' some observant types do some thinking. Not Our Bill though.

    2. Projection. He deals in threats, and has never been able to give good advice, so what he sees is a threat.

      Too bad.

      Phone, train.

      1. DF can only dream that his utterances cause that level of disquiet in his targets.

  1. Wow... A rebranding, a somewhat civil tone and no reference to "hoggy" (which makes no sense in the context of Mr. Hove anyway)??

    Yea, he knows he is screwed courtesy of his pedo master who left him holding the bag while throwing him under the bus.

    I expect google maps to show a swath of yellow any day now

      1. Maybe, all this time, he's been thinking (and hearing in his own mind) 'Hogey'; kinda' like the sandwich? Implying a diminutive form of John's name as a insult- Possibly derivative of 'Billy'? But misspelled?

        How's it go? Lemme' see: "Monkey see..." DAAAAAAANNNNNNNNCCCCE!!!!

  2. Leaving aside that a sentence of the form "If X is wise, X will do ..." frequently means that "X is too fucking stupid to do what any sensible person would do," I wonder what kind of adverse consequences may REASONABLY BE EXPECTED follow if a pro se does not read the FRCP as advised. Somehow, the reasonable expectation seems to me to be that the pro se can expect to be publicly humiliated by his legal incompetence AGAIN, not that the pro se can expect damage to body or property (if it has any property except possibly a life-size, plastic sex doll).

    1. I'm beginning to think that Bill *likes* to be humiliated. Especially in court.

      And you are right, his equivalence that John saying those things means "ZOMG, THEY WANT TO BEAT/MAIM/KILL ME" is just too ridiculous to even be considered by a sane person. Then again, it's always been apparent that sanity does not factor into the equation here when it comes to Bill.

      1. His repeated humiliations do feed into the mental disorder that requires him to explain the world as conspiring against him and the steady accretion of victimhood.

      2. Holding it accountable for it's actions isn't a threat, but justice finally meted out.

      3. Whereas his images of himself wielding axes and bats and bloody implements have me considering the possibility he wants badly for people to think he would hurt them - and that he might.

  3. Wonder if Heidi at the Waffle House notices him walking with some speed to,the waffle counter.

  4. I like how he challenges everyone to answer him but the fucking coward made his Twitter private. I bet as a child he picked fights and hid behind mommy's skirt, or the Bobber had to bail his weak fatass out of trouble. What a pathetic little (figuratively only) man (figuratively only he is.


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