22 thoughts on “Sigh…If Only the Grownup Could Say the Same”

  1. Unca Biwwy really doesn't want to play lawyer against an adult who actually is one. But Unca Biwwy is just too stupid to realize that.

    More popcorn please.

  2. Is Wee Wee Willy Fifi Ferguson going to be there to assist his fellow Team Kimberlin goon when the walls come crashing down on the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt's big, fat, dented noggin?

    Magic 8-Ball says... Not a freaking chance.

    BS has such "excellent" friends, does he not?

    The wheels on the bus go... ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump.

    1. Wee Willy was crowing about how he beat Hoge in his lawsuit. You'd think with FiFi's legal prowess, he'd offer some pointers to his buddy Bill considering all the legal success Fifi has on record.

  3. Actually LG, it appears, at least for now, that Witless willy really does want to play lawyer against a real lawyer. That is not wise, but then Willy ...

    His recent appearance in North Carolina was a masterpiece of incompetence. His argument was that his contacts were not harassment because they were for a legal purpose, namely to fulfill his responsibility to provide a proper address to the court to effect proper service. I have no clue what the law in North Carolina may be about how pro se's are supposed to effect service upon people who have obtained an expired restraining against the pro se, but it is not a facially ridiculous argument.

    Anyone who has any skill in expository writing knows that you give your argument right up front: it's known as a topic sentence. Where does he start? He starts with describing his allegations in his South Carolina suit. All irrelevant to his argument. Then he talks about his emotional reaction to one of Ash's blog posts: he found it "overly smug by half." Again irrelevant to his legal argument, but perhaps indicative of improper motive in contacting Ash. He then proceeds to say that he "learned" that she had moved from the address he had given to the court. This was actually clever rhetorically (but maybe too clever) because he later admitted that what he had actually learned was her current address. In other words, his ostensible legal purpose was not to learn the correct address, but to confirm it.

    At this point the judge stops him and says all this is irrelevant.

    Witless comes back to say that it is not irrelevant because he is "trying to find out what her correct address is [potentially relevant] and " when she moved to it [irrelevant.] The judge says "OK" and lets him continue.

    He has finally made the key point that he wants to make now that he has annoyed the judge with irrelevancies. But he then wanders away from the South Carolina case and proper service, And finally he discusses a message that HE HIMSELF SENT to Ash admitting that he already knows her new address and will so inform the court in South Carolina. What he wants is the date she moved, which is irrelevant to the case in South Carolina.

    Game over. Whatever may be the legal merits of the argument that he would have had a legal purpose in contacting her had he not known her address, that argument became moot the moment that he admitted that he had known her address before he sent the first message.

  4. He really, truly believes that Nettles is going to force a settlement. I suppose that its possible that he might discuss it (an attorney should talk about all the options and possibilities) but even if he recommend one, he can't demand the defendants take it.

    And if he was only going to push for a settlement, why bother to take the case pro bono?

    1. He may force a settlement...just not one that provides any benefit to DUMBFUCK, I hope.

    2. It is a virtual certainty that Nettles had thorough discussions about what the defendants want (at least as of now) before any engagement letter was signed. We shall see whether one or more defendants is interested in a settlement. From the outside, an early settlement does not seem plausible because Hoge is currently alleging breach of a prior settlement agreement. Of course, Willy has denied any unexcused breach, but the other defendants seem to put more trust in John than in Willy. Furthermore, any defendant who just wants out of this suit quickly has a high probability of winning on a motion to dismiss because of certain defects in Willy's complaint.

    1. The best he can hope for is that this case ends and he gets away unscathed. Even that is in peril at the moment.

        1. Too much to hope for Howard. And it might cause a critical shortage of LULZ.

        2. Oh, he's not done making a mockery of the justice system. Side effect will be more lulz.

      1. I suspect that what the defendants hope for and what Unca Biwwy hopes for are not even in the same universe. Sadly for UB, reality is a lot closer to the defendants' position than it is to his.

  5. Shouldn't Fifi be out strangling a cat...ooops.... I mean making avant garde music...somewhere? Or trying to track down that underage teen he said he would have sex with?

    1. He's looking for the next Mrs. Fifi who won't doesn't with another man on his birthday.

  6. I wonder when DF is going to regret he is working with a “grown up”. Will it be the filing of countersuit or the sanction motion or perhaps the [redacted] motion. I need to check the sign up sheet in the break room to see if there is a pool on this.

    1. There is *always* a pool on anything that Team Kimberlin might screw up, or get screwed by - that's kinda the metric, in fact, for a pool...


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