Regrets, He’s Had a Few

Regrets? You mean he’s not showing up Friday?

Gee, I wonder what’s happened since Saturday?

Is Badass Bill once more hiking up his skirts? Sure seems like it!

Will the hills of South Carolina come alive with the sickly tang of Brave Sir William’s river of fear pee? I think they will!

All is proceeding as I have foreseen, and even if he is only pretending and actually does the smart thing and shows up in Greensboro. I PREDICT:

  1. He will shoot himself in the foot merely by showing up; and
  2. He will forget (or ignore, depending on perspective) an opportunity to do something reasonably smart for himself.

In any case, no matter what he does Friday, he loses. Because of course, DUMBFUCK.

Dance, Monkey! DAAAAAAAAANCE!!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Regrets, He’s Had a Few”

  1. He boxed himself into a corner with his fakinsons. Now he has to pay the price to keep his lies consistent.

    I'm prepared to provide an over/under for him showing in Mr. Hoge's lawsuit.

  2. PS- but... But... 4 quartets!!!! What happened?

    Oh I know... Team free speech - to use an analogy I'm more comfortable with- offered a pawn and William stolen valor Parkinson's faker Shmalfeldt didn't take it. He sees it as a wise tactical move when in fact he will lose his queen 5 moves later because of it.

    Problem is if he had taken the pawn it would have been mate in 12, because positional play is over and team free speech has the positional advantage to begin the tactical grind.

    Nothing mr fakinsons can do about it.

  3. This is just one of many No-shows. Past and future. Hoge will have to be prepared to spend much effort to collect awards after coming default.

    1. You would think so, wouldn't you?

      But them steely-eyed missile men are out-of-the-box thinkers sometimes...

      1. I think the funniest would be for John Hoge to get a significant financial award, and then officially "forgive" the debt, making it effective income for Bill that he then has to pay taxes on. Completely blows off the "his disability payments aren't garnishable" - Bill then has to argue with the IRS, which is not known for being forgiving.

        1. If the award's big enough, could it be partially forgiven each year?

          Sure, the taxes would be lower, but the pain would be spread across many years. And his file with the IRS would just GROW and GROW!

        2. Ahem, there are other things to do, beyond merely trying to collect, with a judgment as well. Fun things.that increase the likelihood of Cabin Boy ending up incarcerated....

  4. Whatsamattah Billy? Can't get a ride?

    Must be all those places looking up "Bill Schmafeldt" on the internet.

    1. I'm surprised he's not filing suit against the judge for not allowing him to Skype in!

  5. I think he'll show up on Friday. He just thinks he's being slick by pretending he won't. Of course, I thought that before and he amazed me with his derp-defying foolishness.

    1. Of all the things the old anal enthusiast is, the two major traits are laziness and cowardice. He is vengeful, but vengeance requires work and sometimes courage so.....

  6. Were you able to get ahold of that NC PI service? It says they only do security for active PI customers, but I'm pretty sure they will help. TwitterDM me.

  7. What's amusing about this is twofold.

    One amusing aspect is Diseased Willly's ridiculous blustering on social media. Whatever he does will AGAIN contradict what he so vehemently has said. That will provide yet another opportunity for mocking his record of all talk and no results.

    The other amusing aspect is the legal ramifications. Will he travel to court in North Carolina? If he chooses to do so, that will be brought to the attention of the Maryland court, which will likely not be amused. If he chooses to bail on North Carolina, he will be burdened with a NEW RO, which will provide yet more substance to the argument that he is defamation proof and a public figure.

    I shall not be surprised whether or not he shows up. Either way, the joke will be on him. Of course, the joke seems to have been on him for most of his adult life.

      1. Gee. I wonder why Diseased Willy does not sue you, Roy. It could not be too hard, even for him, to track you down, seeing as how you are family and all. And you seem to have caused him a lot more butthurt than people like Ash. I mean I would be very angry if some of the things you have said about him were said about me (but I am a sensitive soul.)

        It's so odd that he does not have you in his sights.


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