Public Service Announcement 

Round trip Amtrak Service from Greenville, South Carolina to Greensboro, North Carolina, departing July 12 and returning July 14, will run $254 for two adults.

Maybe more for wider seats.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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        1. On information and belief, Kyle has the Time Machine this week.

          I myself will be careful about calling him out.

  1. The Red Roof is only $55/night (the one in town, not the one by the airport - the airport one is cheaper, but further away from [redacted]). It doesn't have great reviews, but given the squalor certain folks are use to living in, it will likely seem like an upgrade.

    1. Since he doesn't have personal transportation, that we know of, he's living out of a suitcase. Or two. Helluva' thing for somebody who, at the very least, was earning $70K not so many years ago. Kudos to whoever said, coupla' posts back, "I'm not going back to work!" That was damn funny.

      And leads me to a observation about the American system: It provides/enables MOBILITY. People move up, economically, and people move down. For the most part, The Rich aren't guaranteed they'll stay RICH. A few, maybe, but not most. Look at how many athletes who have earned millions are now broke.

      Likewise, The Poor, aren't locked in to being POOR. Although, I submit, I bet that's a harder bet after you're 40-something.

    1. You pays your money, you takes your chances!

      Unless you is an indigent idjit DUMBFUCK, then you has no chance.

  2. Wonder if when the inflate-a-mate realizes there are actual court dates and consequences involved while living with her " soulmate"; will she be sticking around or be just another woman who dumped the 2 ton Casanova?


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