4 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Can someone bring me up to date on the state of play?

    Witless Willy has already dismissed the Oh's, one and all? After maybe having identified them? So he tried to add them Tuesday and tried to dismiss them Friday? That may be a record, even for him ... unless ...

    OMG the dirty finks did a deal and squealed. What will the original four defendants do now? The whole conspiracy laid bare in all its squalid ugliness. Money, house, and wife (or boyfriend) all to go to Willy.

    1. If I've got a handle on it, this is the current state: The Magistrate has accepted the SAC as if it were the FAC, because the actual FAC was filed before any defendant was served. But: The SAC [and therefore the entire case] is subject to dismissal, unless Schmablabla provides addresses for service for all defendants [including six D'ohs] within 21 days. Further, the Magistrate has instructed the Clerk to accept no more paper from Schmegma until the Complaint is brought into proper form via the submission of those addresses. So no motion to drop the Doh's will be accepted, nor will any other ridiculous motion Schmeltyblob farts out.

      Still, I think, if he actually submitted one to the Clerk, a motion to simply drop the D'ohs will be accepted, but a 'no, not really dismissed' hook for permissive joinder will not. I'm not a Hoge-level fore-seer, so don't bet the house on that one. I did predict he'd pull six names out of his ass, though.

      1. And, didn't the Deranged (and, ADJUDICATED) Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt claim he forwarded an email to Mr. Nettles dismissing the Does/Poes/Roes – AND THEN he went about assigning random Zombie Lickspittles' names for the D'oh Defendants ONCE AGAIN claiming they were all being invited to his "BIG party?"

        IIRC – This all happened within a 24-hour period or so.

        Delusional as the day is long. I'd wager Mr. Nettles is *not* going to entertain The Blob's asshattery for very long.


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