Wouldn’t It Just Be Easier

…if you stopped pretending you understand how this all works…

…and admitted to yourself and to the world once and for all…

…that you are the DUMBFUCK idiot that even Balloon Boi knows you are?

Or, just keep entertaining us:

As a wise man once whined, “There is no justice for the Schmalelddts of the world, only for HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!S.”

Some truths are worth writing on Post-It notes and leaving in plain sight.  That’s one of them.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “Wouldn’t It Just Be Easier”

  1. Justice costs dollars says the man who was appointed a lawyer at the public's expense. There were dollars involved, but the man benefited did not provide them.

    And let's say Walker is helping Hoge out of friendship: that's not dollars. And someone has "excellent" friends, who are giving their friend valuable assistance without any filthy lucre involved, are'nt they?

    1. Hell, he didn't even live in the state that provided the money to pay for the lawyer that told him he had NO CASE and that he needed to drop it or else the lawyer would drop him. Now, THAT is a leech on society - going to another state and taking tax dollars from its citizens when you haven't even paid in a dime.

      1. Well Ash, in that case Willie finally figured out what was the correct forum to sue in so the set of taxpayers he was sponging off that time was the correct set, at least legally. In any case, I suspect that whatever state he sues in, he is a net drain on that state's taxpayers.

        I seem to recollect that he has peddled this trope of tripe before. I may not be remembering correctly, but did he not previously whine about contingency lawyers not being willing to speculate on the success of his claims? Most of us would conclude that such reluctance from the plaintiff's tort bar indicated just how flimsy his cases are, but I suppose Willie the Wise knows best.

        1. After he fled to Wisconsin he tried to get several lawyers to take his case on contingency. They all laughed and laughed then threw him out on his ass. I'm surprised he didn't sue them for butthurt too. You have to figure that losing every lawsuit you have filed and even having one tossed by your welfare attorney you'd finally figure out that YOU HAVE NO CASE. But not lulcow Biwwy. And that's what makes him so damn special. The inability to see reality in lieu of his own personal fantasy.

  2. As I observed over at Hogewash with an illustrative example, it's eminently possible for a pro se plaintiff to prevail even against handsomely resourced defendants. What is required is justiciable claims and the intelligence to argue those claims.

    Ay, there's the rub, DUMBFUCK. Butthurt is not and never will be a tort, and for you there's no escaping "Now comes William M. Schmaleldt, Sr., plaintiff..."

  3. "In any case, I suspect that whatever state he DWELLS in, he is a net drain on that state's taxpayers.


  4. Whatever happened with the wedding between Bill and that meth-mouth skank with the pink hair? They said something about her getting her teeth fixed once they were married and she was covered under his benefits. Did they realize he's about to lose big time in the courts, and that puts her assets on the line as well?

      1. Rauhauser's had assets (and dental coverage) in the past.

        That his teeth are still bad indicates that Rauhauser prefers them that way.

        Comes in handy for horrifying his victims, and for ending uncomfortable conversations quickly, I suspect.

  5. The Scat in the Hat, and his sidekick, Thing One, never fail to amuse.


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