9 thoughts on “What’s Blue and Comes in Brownies?”

  1. The skits he already entered into evidence in another case.

    Wow. They're already authenticated! Thanks, Bill!

  2. Here's a truth for ya, Mr. Fakinsons: you are too much of a PUSSY to show on the 28th because you can't handle the truth the nudge would have explained to you because even though you claim at one point you would be the last man standing, the truth is you are a COWARDLY BITCH.

    The fact that you call a perjuring terroristic pedo "master" says it all when it comes to your ability (or lack thereof) to see truth.

  3. Pauper's Grave.
    9' down.

    God rest his soul. Or what he has left of it.
    May dogs piss on the remainder.

    1. I still maintain, it was small, it was green, it smelled funny. It was the last vestige of his soul.

      He rolled it, he sniffed it, he blogged it. Then he flushed it.

  4. June 17, 2015.

    Captive Nurse Gail Schmalfeldt makes good on her prolonged escape attempt.

    June 18, 2015.

    Bill Schmalfeldt discovers pee doesn't clean itself off the floor.


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