14 thoughts on “Spot The Difference”

  1. You know, 4 DUMBFUCKS in one post may be 3 DUMBFUCKS too many. Then again, 1 DUMBFUCK is also 3 DUMBFUCKS too many, so carry on.

  2. You are one disgusting motherfucker, Shakes.
    No wonder you landed such a hottie as Dianne Preston.

    Damn. I keep doing that even though I'm terrified of the consequences.

  3. Even though he will claim the wall is helping him raise his right arm above his head, is the phone helping the other hand?

    Questions that are keeping scientists up for many nights..

    1. Now, now. We all know that these were photoshopped. The point on his head has been cropped out.

      1. True dat. The middle one shows a neck. That's patently impossible.

    2. Well, a smartphone is a lot lighter than an SKS, but his Hodgkinson's still can't be hobbling him too much

  4. That's the trouble with not telling the truth, never can remember which lie you told yesterday let alone last week or this morning for that matter.

  5. You have to admit he is getting that crazy old coot look down pat.

  6. For people who have trouble with evidence of themselves exceeding their claimed limits, place palm on goal-post, slide it back.

    "Can't" quickly softens to "has trouble" - it's like magic!


      You're such a pile of malingering shit, Blob.

      1. Wasn't he supposed to have died years ago from all the distress Hoge and the Lickspittles were causing him?

        Two thoughts.

        1. Who the hell wears a shirt with a humogous stain like that for anything other than housepainting or car repair where you expect to add more large stains?

        2. If I'd been able to raise my arms that well two years ago, I wouldn't have had to have shoulder surgery.

        I'm really tired of his "Oh poor me!" schtick, because he's orthopedically in far better condition that I and some of the other EDS and JHD folks I know. But he's such a selfish wanker that he milks a disease he doesn't even seem to have (since the one he allegedly has never goes into remission)and sits on his expanding arse at taxpayer expense, while others I know who have far more issues have to work for a living. He's lucky that I'm not River.

        1. It's a gag shirt. You're supposed to see the blotch and be concerned, then see the caption on the front "I'm fine/" Bill's just not having a good time unless he thinks he can provoke alarm or disgust. (Embrace, etc).

  7. I watched his self-recorded and published court appearance with the sound down, to look for signs, subtle or less subtle of the motor impairment and rigidity problems he asserts are his cross to bear. His movements were within normal limits. They were fine - no sign of bradykinesia or cogwheel rigidity. One very typical Parkinsonian motor issue resulting from rigidity is a sort of cogwheel, jerky movement of the arms, for example, when you try to lift arm from table to mouth. But he very smoothly (and rapidly) reaches up to his mouth to wet his fingers and goes back down to turn pages. He gesticulates with ease.

    I wouldn't think much of that in relation to his Parkinsons, except he is specifically claiming rigidity.


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