Speaking of Stupid People…

Even stupid people know that LYING LARDASS DUMBFUCKS who lie about having Parkinson’s disease also lie about doing physical therapy with no shirts on so their fat tits can flap in the breeze, nor do they hold up in the middle of an exercise to take a fucking mirror selfie to post on Twitter.

Having seen and done actual physical therapy, I can tell you that PT hurts like a motherfucker, and there ain’t no time for taking pictures.

Goddamn, wouldn’t you think a guy who lies as often as Bill Schmalfeldt does would eventually improve at it?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Speaking of Stupid People…”

  1. https://youtu.be/mRoIbXLCOxs?t=4m36s Brace yourself - here he is demonstrating PT for gofundme.

    I wonder who hung the above eye-level framed prints that are clearly his. Did he balance himself on a step-ladder? Or stretch?

    1. He was so fond of his neighborhood he left it in after a few weeks.

      Looks like it causes no pain for him to raise his arm above head height.

      1. Amazing what people reveal when they are unguarded and are being themselves, eh?

  2. "Stupid people don't realize that a physical therapy routine for people having trouble raising arms is to place palm on wall, slide up. "

    It is my fondest wish that fat fucking racist shitstain physical therapy included running that dick dented melon of yours across an industrial grade belt sander, face side up.... slide back and forth until you stop being a fat fucking racist shitstain.

    Your welcome to take a bathroom mirror selfie while doing this therapy if you so desire.

  3. "...also lie about doing physical therapy with no shirts on so their fat tits can flap in the breeze."


  4. I saw his latest self-pity party. Three quarters of what he whines about he's admitted were self-inflicted.

    Idiot shouldn't have admitted he's Krendler.

  5. Recently, on Twitter, Bill Schmalfeldt said this: "is it too much to ask that the things you write about me bear at least a SCINTILLA of truth? Defamatory lies = libel. Simple concept". He should remember that he was the one who accused me of criminal stalking to my town's police chief. As I have never been within 100 miles of Bill, it would be very hard for that to happen, i.e. defamatory lies.

    I will also note that that police chief, who didn't tell Bill to go pound sand, is now likely to be losing his job. But I had nothing to do with that........


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