8 thoughts on “Seen on the Internet”

  1. This guy is challenging Bill for his title.


  2. Sample syllogism.

    All men are mortal.
    Aristotle is a man.
    Thus Aristotle is mortal.

    Notice that the syllogism is MALE. Logic (and quantum mechanics) are male devices for maintaining the patriarchy. If you let logic confuse you, you may begin to think that sex is a biological fact and become false to the matriarchy. So shame on you Krendler for condoning and DISPLAYING logic. If you keep this up, there will be no option except to have Willie sue you.

    In other news, did anyone hear about that poor woman who was bullied by Trump into holding onto his severed head? She was broken by the experience: all that gore dripping on her dress. That tragedy was lightly covered by the capitalist media, but they never told you about the amazing multi-gendered surgeon who reglued Trump's head on to his body. Sim did it so well that no one yet has noticed that Trump is now half an inch shorter than he was at the start of the week.

  3. That statement uses logic, which is a Male construct, thus FemiNazi will ignore because of the Patriarchy.


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