Poor, Poor, Pitiful DUMBFUCK

No matter how many new blogs…

No matter how many new Twitter handles…

No matter how many new podcasts…

No matter how many new wives…

He can’t change who he is…

He will always be Bill Schmalfeldt, Demented Cyberstalker.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “Poor, Poor, Pitiful DUMBFUCK”

  1. They may be "new" podcasts, but the their content is just re-arranged because all the material in them is recycled.

    William Schmalfeldt has no imagination and no originality.

    But what would you expect from a thing that has no family who will speak to it, no friends except handlers, no job, no car, no scooty puff of Doom (It’s red. Vroom! VROOM!), no driver's license, no permanent home except under a bridge, no journalistic credentials, no radio broadcasting credentials of any merit, no winning record in court, no one who recognized it in "This is my town. They know me here" Clinton Iowa, and no one who respects it.

    About all it has is butthurt, PLM and Captive Nurse version 2.0-the fugly, toothless trollop, imaginary blow-up doll who IT CALLS Lady Di Kelley. I guess when you're scraping the bottom of the barrel, dental hygiene is not at the top of the list. BTW, when you scrape the bottom of the barrel, what does that stuff look like anyway?

    1. William Schmalfeldt has no imagination and no originality.

      It even rebranded its Twitter account to a name and ID it used before, @breitbit news, as late as August 2015.

      quod erat demonstrandum

      1. I wonder just how much fear pee would emanate from whatever hovel he's calling "home" now if he were to receive a cease-and-desist from, say, Breitbart's trademark attorneys?

  2. I wonder if he moved again. He's always tweeting someone who should be sitting right next to him if he hasn't. He had Brett handle his mail for no good reason if he's where he is, though avoiding post marks would be a motive if he has.

    Maybe someone else knows better than I do.

    1. That will make pursuing his infant LOLSUIT in South Carolina somewhat difficult if no one is able to serve him with documents.

  3. ATTENTION requires eye bleach after viewing.


    she is bill's kind of woman.

    1. Dye the hair and it could be a dead ringer for the Inflate-A-Mate....or Bill in a wig and dress.

  4. So, just looked outside, it's dark out.

    Is somebody dead, or what? Doom clock, and all.

    I mean, Bill can't exactly "release the hounds" because he left them in Maryland and Iowa. And "Unleash the bald pussy" is both less threatening and ambiguous.

  5. The pitifulness that is BS can at times tug at the heart.
    In a purely humanitarian way.

    Unfortunately for him, lardass snaps those stay-cables every time he takes to the computer to utter a thought.

    The true home for such a black, soulless, desolate heart is as fertilizer in Hells bramble patch.
    God knows the best he can do here on earth is as a splash of vomit in the parking lot.
    And as a dog, he returns to it constantly.

    However, the entertainment value is priceless!!
    Moor Bill!

    1. Yeah, his excellent terrorist friend has most certainly made more impact in a parking lot (a High School parking lot, one might recall) than DUMBFUCK will ever make in his entire unfortunate life.


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