Little Birdies Are Singing

…and they tell me that all the states mentioned in this tweet –

– actually tuned in to the live podcast, but were forced to drop out after being overwhelmed by the tsunami of broadcasting wizardry.

I myself will check the tape-delay, post-edit mastery later.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Little Birdies Are Singing”

      1. I wonder if there are aerodynamic benefits, like with Sally Field's wimple in "The Flying Nun."

    1. Bet the "paunchy" Hispanic can master podcasting software, no prob...

      You suck beyond measure, fatassed racist.

  1. How useless do you have to be, that after 30 years of "journalism excellence" you can't operate simple software and have that much dead air??

    He keeps that up and he may follow in a long lines of employers and fire himself .

  2. With all the dead air, fat fingered fumbling, "broadcast excellence," the taped delayed edited version will be... what.... seven minutes?

    There is a G-d.

    Way to go, fatassed racist moobstank!!!

  3. Which one of you fuckers called him as the clerk of court and......

  4. Hey, guys, next time, don’t bother to listen live. I’ll record it in real time, edit out the dead air and stuff we already heard (like scout rape fantasies) and then post it on a seekrit cloud account. That way you can download an easier to listen to version and we can deny Shakey his meager hits.

    1. 99 versions of The Tooth or "TT", as she is known in the meth community.

      Pick the right one, Billy.

  5. So Bill promised something big but couldn't perform to expectations. Are we talking about the podcast or his sexual performance with a woman?


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