12 thoughts on “If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put A Ring On It”

    1. For a second I thought that was a dog restraining collar, but then I realized it would never fit around the goiter neck.

      1. OTOH, maybe a dog restraining collar is appropriate here - if an XXXX size could be found. Either that or an electric fence.

  1. I just found myself channeling a documentary from a neighboring dimension..."every 7 years in their life shmycle the Greater Mangina must return to the shoreline in order to replenish his sand reserves."

    Actually, I think it explains South Carolina.

    1. Do they have gigantic pussy shaped holes in the sand in S Carolina beaches?

      Kind of like crop circles... but nastier.

  2. Collars like the one pictured are not allowed in the circles of the dog world we participate in. But I can understand why Bill would need one for the butt-ugly bitch-like thing he has been keeping in his room - I wonder if she has tried to bite any of the motel staff yet? I would think they would have a "No Pets." policy.


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