10 thoughts on “Here We Go Again”

  1. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a DOOM CLOCK!


    1. Screen shot for those who never visit William "stolen valor Parkinson's faker" Shmalfeldt's twitter?

  2. so nobody answers my question last time I asked it..IsDi Jelley real or nah?

    I still think she's dake but even I have to admit it's a con job too complex for schmalfeldt to keep up this ling.

    If she's real, that GoFyndMe page has to be a con itself. Or she's a bigger idiot than he is for believe whatever the hell lies hes told her about PArkinsins never gets better, no wait! except for me I bought a car, oh shit, can't walk again! Must...have...scootypuff!

    Nah, she's conning him, I'll bet there's already a million dollar life insurance policy stuck in a bank box somewhere. And a really interesting search history.

    Real or not, she's one freaky bitch. I found a photobucket site in her name. Here are a couple of fascinating examples of her particular kink:

    This one features that "Reno" character - it's called "Yes, Sir," and you can sure see why:

    Anybody wanna speculate as to what oldRenos getting splattered with here?

    And there's some lovely imagery featuring a couple of Assgardians:

    It gets evenbetter.

    Strangely, this ballon animal seems to have DEFAMATIRY things to say about Packers fans, too:

    Maybe Schmalfledt should add her as a DEFENDANT instread.

    That photobuckey site is nothing if not a Rorshach test of one twisted psyche. Whether it's Bill's or an actual person's psyche is anybody's guees.

    I know where my money is.

    1. I could have done without getting images from inside that twisted psyche, thank you very much.

      I'm glad I don't check this site at work...

  3. You will answer my questions by sunset tomorrow or I will be forced to begging.

    Here's an idea Shakes. Take your impotent threats and stuff them up Ms. Preston's more than willing asshole.

    Fuck you and that yuck mouth pecker wrecker.

    1. It is-

      But look at what that tells you.

      Bill’s last tweet was at almost exactly 1030PM (last night). He went 11 hours before re-lighting off this morning. Recall the good old days in Wisconsin where Bill would be on the computer past midnight and then at it again just after 5AM? Sometimes closer to 4AM? Leads me to believe his new friend is real; socks aren’t so demanding.

      I suppose he COULD have been spending time this morning manually winding his latest Doom clock. The latest models run on arc reactors (yes, by Stark Enterprises) and run unattended but my guess is Schmalfeldt is still using ones from the box of clocks he had in Wisconsin. Got to wind those frequently.

      Each clock being good for a single proclamation of impending doom only, but still- He had a bunch. Apparently still does.

      And it’s interesting he’s kept the old clocks. Kinda’ out of character. Let me explain-

      Bill is apparently in the market for a new ScootyPuff. He had a perfectly good one (that was red; VROOM, VROOM!) he literally almost gave away to the NSA. Dealership. I meant the car dealership-

      And we KNOW he intended buying a new Mac Pro with money from his ’Nationwide Drive Around the (Blue State) America I Love’ tour. Don’t think Macintosh didn’t notice. Might be hearing more about that later.

      On information and belief (is that how it goes?) the court will notice Williams’ attachments are short-lived.

      Lady Di should take notice.

      And govern herself accordingly-

      1. Correction.

        William went somewhere between 12 and 13 hours between posts.

        I was off because I was in a rush to make a tee-time.


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