6 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Ever notice how Badass Biwwy always returns to the anal rape fetish? It's almost as if he's done it before...

    1. Yes, but we all know he is incapable of doing it again. He is impotent - he said so himself. And who would lie about such a thing? That is why he writes those fantasies about Cub Scouts having anal sex - it is his only form of release. That, and when his meth-mouth blow-up doll of a girlfriend "pegs" him.

  2. Hey, Cousin Roy!

    Can you confirm that the rape over which DUMBFUCK dismissed a lawsuit WITH PREJUDICE is the only one?

    Because I'm of the opinion there may be more...and not just girls. Maybe even not half girls.

    1. I wonder if Rauhauser has woken up with DUMBFUCK trying to cornhole him with that lil' scrap of overcooked macaroni that represents his manhood. I don't want to know, mind you. I just wonder.


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