Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

Your premonition is wrong. I don’t even know what it is, but I know it’s wrong.

You will be wrong. I have foreseen it, and it will proceed as such.

Because you are DUMBFUCK, and wrong is your default setting.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

16 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. How many times now has Stolen Valor claimed "something" was going to happen? How many times has it? STFU Bill, you are REALLY bad at this prediction stuff.

    1. I think I have lost my house several times, funny though I sit here watching the fish jump in my beautiful lake

  2. He really needs to declare a date and time so that a proper doom clock can be posted. It's like he's not even trying any longer.

  3. There is progress visible, folks. Willie is admitting that he is not infallible. Those first, little steps are important.

    1. Yeah, well, even if he's not infallible, the boy friend is inflatable.

  4. If he wants to play, let's PLAY.

    But Bill might consider this: not all of us are as nice as the Hogefather.

  5. Willie is correct. The news is indeed horrible.

    Grady has disclosed all. First off, KRENDLER IS NOT REALLY A ZOMBIE. IT HAS BEEN A LIE ALL ALONG.

    But Grady has disclosed as well the dirty LITTLE secrets. How the Koch brothers have dumped a fortune into supporting the world's worst lawyer in smearing Willie's wonderful reputation . How they helped forge Walker's so-called law degree from Yale by buying him an expensive set of 48 differently colored crayons. How Hoge tried to have Willie jailed 372 times to prevent Willie from releasing the shocking proof that Hoge and Hoge alone was responsible for the Challenger disaster. How Ash has never forgiven nor forgotten being dumped for a younger model when she was six and has been seeking revenge against studs like Willie ever since. (Studs. You know: those pieces of lumber between walls. Willie is generally considered to have an IQ some 50% higher than most studs in the wall.) How Neal is actually not from Canada, but is instead a permanent resident of the New Zealand Home for Demented Bovines. And most shocking of all, the Dim Girls are not dim girls at all: they are dim tranvestites from Yokohama who, for some dim reason, believe Willie did something dim on stage with their sister, who is really their brother. The whole disgusting charade is now in the open.

    It is shocking. We trusted Grady with our homes, our lives, our spouses, and our sacred honor, and he has repaid that faith with betrayal.

    1. I thought studs were the tiny frozen rubber lumps on your snow tires.

      1. I REFUSE to talk about Willie's little lump even if it is hard when frozen.


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