That is some prime beetusflesh you got there.

But seriously – we are all grateful that you cropped out the moobs. Thank you.

UPDATE:  I think we can all be forgiven for seeing those photos and thinking immediately of this…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

22 thoughts on “Egads, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. If the government teat runs a little dry you could hire yourself out as either a pool float bouncy lump or as a white screen for video movie projections.

  2. Um. Those scratches don't look like something you'd get from the arm of a chair.

    As for falling out of bed? I've managed that feat in my sleep. The cat looked quite smug about it.

    Just saying.

    Laptop, home.

    1. I don't think it is outside the realm of the possibile to suggest that he was pushed.

  3. Its the usual shit. He doesn't want to show up in court because the judge is going to own the ever loving suit out of him, so he starts "documenting" the effects of the disease HE IS TOTALLY FAKING (yes Mr. Fakinsons... F-A-K-I-N-G) so WHEN (I don't really think its an if anymore) he doesn't show up to his show cause hearing he can say "my progressive neurological disorder that magically got better with shit ton of proof as evidenced by having s license and making a bunch of unsupervised trips has totally gotten worse I SWEAR your honour!". He hopes this will get him off the hook.

    Based on what is happenig with the pedo's wife, I'd say the judge is going to override " because Maryland". And when that happens it couldn't have happened to a nicer shitbag.

    Enjoy the warrant you're working to hard to get.

    1. I think he is going to show up, but in a wheelchair.

      I hadn't looked at Parkinson's in a while, so I took a moment to look it up. It's interesting that there is no definitive test for the disease at all. It's basically trial and error with some medications and also from taking a careful history. Because of this, there is a very high misdiagnosis rate, and a number of known syndromes that mimic the disease, especially at the early stages. Wonder if a neurologist hearing that his disease has regressed over the last few years would reclassify his condition?

      1. Wheelchairs aren't free. At least, mine wasn't. And for the record, it's really easy for those of us with experience in the matter to tell if a person has *really* been dependent on a wheelchair for any length of time (hint: very specific calluses.)

        I'm put in mind of the old trope of the "victim" of an auto accident claiming whiplash and showing up to court wearing a neck brace, as if the mere presence of the brace was proof of the condition.

    1. When you say "welfare check," it's liable to being misinterpreted by someone with dollar signs in their eyes.

  4. Maybe one of the meth heads in the hallway mugged him for his sweet, sweet porkpie hat?

  5. "...falling out of bed bashing ourselves on the arm of the bedside chair."

    Not swiping. Bashing.

    Where are the bruises? I heard there are bruises.

    1. Looks more like Onyx the bald pussy had a fight with William Schmalfeldt over the JWR and the cat won.


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