Denials Require Proof, You Say?

Well, it’s a well known fact that Bill Schmalfeldt once alleged in a federal lawsuit that his cousin Roy Schmalfeldt defamed him by accusing him of rape.  Bill Schmalfeldt also dismissed that lawsuit with prejudice, which leaves him legally unable to deny that he is, in fact, a rapist.

If what Bill Schmalfeldt says today – “DENIALS REQUIRE PROOF!” – what other things has he done that he cannot provide proof that he never did?

  • Did he in fact get kicked to the curb by St. Gail after befouling his marriage bed with Hell’s Kitchen Kate?
  • Did he in fact live the remainder of his marriage with St. Gail in separate beds because her condition for allowing him into the tincasa was the permanent withholding of spousal privileges?
  • Did he in fact scam the National Institutes of Health into a pensioned disability retirement?
  • Did he in fact ever have a job in journalism or radio from which he was not fired?
  • Was he in fact evicted from the enclave of the NINJANUNS?
  • Did he in fact violate his lease in Iowa to escape to his new Inflatababe?
  • Did he in fact fail to inform the states of Wisconsin, Iowa and possibly South Carolina of his disability, thus fraudulently acquiring driver’s licenses in one or more of those states?
  • Did he in fact administer multiple pairs of Irish Sunglasses to his soulmate throughout their marriage?
  • Was she in fact too quick for him to catch?
  • Did he in fact abandon four pets in two states to the streets?
  • Were those pets in fact served as entrees in various Asian restaurants?
  • Did he in fact leave the urn behind in Iowa?
  • Did he in fact murder his first wife and chop her body into stew meat?
  • Does he in fact no longer take any medications for Parkinson’s?’



Based on the Rules of Schmalfeldt, simply because I say so, all these things are true. The only way to disprove them is for DUMBFUCK – in true Alinsky style – to live up to his own rule book and provide sufficient proof to the negative.

And naturally I am the judge of sufficiency.

I’ll wait.

But only until 9 PM Eastern.

And you know, if anyone thinks of anything else he needs to provide denials for, leave a comment.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

17 thoughts on “Denials Require Proof, You Say?”

  1. Shakes changes horses mid-stream on his faildoxx.

    Hey, porky. How about take that ugly whore Dianne Preston to a trough somewhere for a nice celebratory night out.

    You fucking joke.

  2. Did he indeed wear medals on his navy uniform he was not entitled to wear?

    Did he fall up multiple ladders on the USS Coronado, "injuring" his leg and giving him yet another excuse to goldbrick and malinger (and perhaps fraudulently collect military disability)?

    Was he on the receiving end of multiple "blanket parties" because he was such a worthless shit while in the Navy?

    Did he completely make up his deeds of daring do on the beach in Lebanon?

    Did he score below a 3.2 out of 4.0 on most/all of his military evals (which would show him to be, at best, a total shitbird while serving his enlistment)?

  3. For every ounce of Johnny Walker Red, how many milligrams of methamphetamine does he consume?

  4. PROTIP: If you really want to lose weight, increase your methamphetamine intake and reduce your Johnny Walker Red intake.

  5. "I think it would behoove Marvin J. Rodriguez of Arizona to tune into "TrumpThumpers" LIVE at 7pm ET"

    Hmm. I think his best course of action, short of burying a steel-toed boot in your fetid groin, would be to call local law enforcement, and file for a Restraining Order against a known serial harasser...

    We will just have to agree that you are a swollen, suppurating 'roid, I guess.

      1. I noticed.

        How many times can MJ jerk his chain before the dancing monkey figures out "stove is hot!"?

        Pool is up in the breakroom, and "infinity" is not one of the selections!

  6. Libel. Plain and simple.

    BTW, I wonder if Bill ever found out that the my town's police chief, who failed to support me, a resident of his town, when I complained to him about harassment by Bill, is now about to lose his job for failure to follow town policies. I deny I had anything to do with that.


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