Definitely Fake

Really? He’s going to farm out his wrath to the balloon?

How lovely that he’s fabricated a new set of skirts to cower behind!

Is there a bigger cunt move he could make?  I’m coming up empty.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

17 thoughts on “Definitely Fake”

  1. Wait, so Lady Di Kelley-Preston-Schmalfeldt, esq, is going to write a letter?

    Does she have an old Peace Order filing she can use to trace Bill's signature with after she forge.. I mean.. writes it?

    I hope she learns how to forge his signature well because he sure does suck at it.

    1. Oh NOES!! Not WRITE a LETTER!!!!

      Your threats are as toothless as your mouth, inflataskank.

  2. So, is Biwwy's ... friend ... planning on wracking up RO/POs too? She's got a ways to go to catch up to her betrothed.

    Or is Biwwy planning on getting his driver's license and rust bucket back so he can actually be threatening?

    1. Looks like Shakey wants a new RO/PO under a different name now.

      cause that's exact the sort of behaviour that got him his 9 previous ones.

      Gee, you'd think he'd be working on figuring out the haulage rate to get his fat ass to MD by the 28th, but NOOOOoooooOOOO!

      Not our Shakey McFatAss, he's got a new RO/PO to get ordered against himself.

  3. He's ready to pop the balloon Nd wear its skin I guess. That he could use someone like that isn't surprising, e.g. the mails he used to send out with his wife's email address or his wife's name in the return address we all know about. I wonder if the esteemed Herm preg non/con rape slash connoisseur is so beat down and desperate as Gail was to allow it, or if he just won't tell xer at all.


    Well, one out of two I guess.

    Say, is Inflate a Boy losing weight the "Old fashioned way"? I ask because we all know what happened to wife #3 when he had her lose weight that way.

    1. Well, just like Prince Humperdink who, after losing everything else, keeps his ears, the inflate-a-date will keep the ugly no matter how much air the Cabin Boy let's out.

  5. "Is there a bigger cunt move he could make? I’m coming up empty."

    It won't be long before he takes an inappropriate picture of Captive Nurse 2.0 (shudder) and sends it out to family members of commenters to "humanize" her (not really possible). Now THAT is one of the biggest cunt moves he can make, and we know he has done it before, and lacks originality, so.......

  6. Well, gmhowell is clearly DOOOOOMMMMEEEDDD, because:

    A) Every wife believes a letter from some nutcase about her husband; and,

    B) Every wife's immediate reaction to such a letter is to kick her husband out, file (already prepared) divorce papers, and take the kids, house, and husband's income.

    Pro-tip, Cousin Bill:

    Just because your wives reacted that way, doesn't mean any other wife reacts that way. Your ex-wives just needed a handy excuse to bounce your fat, pasty, cheatin' ass to the curb...

  7. Does Bill remember how it turned out for him that last time he tried to get a couple of Vagina Warriors to fight his battles while he hid like the giant fucking pussy he is behind their skirts? Yeah, not well. What makes him think that writing a letter and pretending it's from the Inflate-A-Boy will work any better for him.

    1. The giveaway will be if it's typed. We know his handwriting is horrible, but very recognizable. If it's typed then he can only be trying to conceal that.

      Speaking of concealer...he could use some.


    No Bill, it will NEVER get better, you'll always look that way.

    And a tweet to show the world your boo-boo is beyond pathetic. There are real Parkinson's sufferers that look like that every day of their lives because they can't walk, you POS.


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