Can’t Wait, DUMBFUCK!

Just…can’t…wait…to see a guy who can’t do basic math try to handle himself in court.

Any court. Maryland, South Carolina, makes no nevermind to me.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Can’t Wait, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. How stooopid is Bill Schmalfeldt?

    He "corrected" the tweet text, but left the Bunny Boy Unread title the same. For a "retired GS-13 writer-editor," it sure looks like a DUMBF5CK! That's some quality professional journalism right there, yessiree!

    1. BTW, the "My sign is upside down and I don't care" word cloud in the photo is pointing to the wrong person. Take a closer look. The woman to which it refers is holding up a pink "Women for Trump" sign. Someone else is holding up the MAGA sign in front of her and their head/body is off to the left. DUMBF5CK continues to be a big FAT FAILURE!


    Fuck off and die in a fire, Fatass racist shitbag.

  3. See, here's the thing.

    It isn't the fact that Bill has spelled his own name incorrectly in 3 court cases I can recall. Or that he was Planitiff(sic) in one of his many cases.

    The point is, law is a real thing. It has rules, and costs. Bill does not pay his legal briefs enough attention to spell his own name correctly with any reliable frequency. How much attention do you think he applies to (a) reading the law and (b) understanding the law?

    Bill - We're not mocking you misspelling your own name... OK, correction, yes, we are totally mocking you for that, but still, misspelling your own name shows the level of attention to detail that we expect from you. Oh, he misspelled his own name, how likely is it that his legal analysis (not what you think!) is correct?


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