5 thoughts on “Betcha He’s Right About This One”

  1. Let's see.
    Kimberlin's answers won't match the questions.
    The child mail order bride's English will suddenly be "no berry gooood."
    Shakes the clown will enter the courtroom, late, using a shopping cart, because he's a fucking loser. The basket will contain a sticky, soiled blowup doll with hideous fake red hair and what appears to be a chronic case of cocksucker cramp behind a face full of snaggle teeth.

    Limber those LULZ muscles, boys and girls.

    1. Shakes will be in one, sorry, two of those newfangled "junior customer" kiddie carts, just so Brett can still see to steer.

  2. I never thought I would see something rarer than a unicorn, but there it is: wiiam "I fake Parkinson's steal valor and think buttburt is a tort" shmalfeldt has a nanosecond of sobriety and realises the bus bus is target locked.


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