“A Trail A Blind Man Could Follow”

And you fucked it up, ya fat pig.

Why not pluck your eyes out? It could only help…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on ““A Trail A Blind Man Could Follow””

  1. The stupid... it buuuuurns.

    The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt and his slimy sow (or, is that "sew") cannot have a dozen functioning neurons between 'em.

    Off-the-charts idiocy on full display. *smfh*

  2. The blind man could have figured it out quicker than Bill.

    We'll see where this goes, but I think it's going to end with considerable hilarity.

    1. And if Shakes has his way, two of them will be dotted.

      I mean, it's not like he can knock out her teeth or anything. Maybe tooth, but where's the fun in that?

  3. "He is who he is. This is the game they always play when caught red-handed."

    Heh. No, this is what we do when you've doxxed the wrong person.

    Which you do.

    Each and every fucking time.

    We find it quite amusing. LULZy to the max.

    Haven't you ever wondered why the breadcrumbs keep leading you to people with felony convictions?

    Think about it.

    (Hint: if someone wanted you to be harmed, would the (false) breadcrumbs lead to non-felons?)

    1. Think about it? What in the world are you asking? A man (using the word loosely) must know his limitations.

  4. If Schmally wasn't such an inordinately stupid fatsack, I would have some questions for him. Since he is dumber, worse-behaved, and considerably more obese than the average Down Syndrome toddler, these are posedonly for our amusement:

    How do you know that MJ are MJ's actual first and last initials? Do you think A and J are my actual first and last initials? Because BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! And HA!!!

    Do you think "Sonoran" is used exclusively to refer to people from Sonora, CA? Seriously?

    Do you think that someone who has spent most of their adult life elsewhere is likely to refer to himself in reference to the nondescript town he went to high school in? I realize you peaked in life while attending high school, but you are in this way, as in most ways, atypical.

    Do you REALLY think that someone who tweets under a "Sonoran" handle has to actually be from, a place called Sonora? Desert or town doesn't matter for this question. Do you think it is possible such a handle refers more to present or recent circumstances, rather than 30+ years ago?

    Are you literally retarded?


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