5 thoughts on “2017 Darwin Award Leader in the Clubhouse”

  1. They may have only owned the one book between them. Couldn't afford a test run.

    BTW, this is a true Darwin Award as they can no longer breed.

    1. No, a true Darwin requires that the deceased off themselves prior to breeding.

      This guy already passed on his DNA to two offspring (may God have mercy upon them).

    2. From the article, he did a test run ... using a lower caliber gun. And apparently, a different book ...

  2. From Jingo, by the late Terry Pratchett:

    He rummaged in a pocket and produced a very small book, which he held up for inspection.
    'This belonged to my great–grandad,' he said. 'He was in the scrap we had against Pseudopolis and my great–gran gave him this book of prayers for soldiers, ,cos you need all the prayers you can get, believe you me, and he stuck it in the top pocket of his jerkin, 'cos he couldn't afford armour, and next day in battle whoosh, this arrow came out of nowhere, wham, straight into this book and it went all the way through to the last page before stopping, look. You can see the hole.'
    'Pretty miraculous,' Carrot agreed.
    'Yeah, it was, I s'pose,' said the sergeant. He looked ruefully at the battered volume. 'Shame about the other seventeen arrows, really.'


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