Would That It Were So Simple As DUMBFUCK Himself Is

The point is not that DUMBFUCK should not NEED further amended complaints (though he surely will wish he had them, possibly as soon as thirty minutes from now).

The point is that now that DUMBFUCK has used his First Amended Complaint, and in so doing FAILED to amend anything of substance in a way that benefits him, he will be heavily challenged to GET further amended complaints, because he is a brain-damaged idiot suffering from Parkinson’s disease.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

5 thoughts on “Would That It Were So Simple As DUMBFUCK Himself Is”

  1. It'll be dismissed before it gets as far as requesting any more amendments because a DUMBFUCK helpfully provided the Court with the Wisconsin case number that outlines what a goddamned dolt he is.

    Hoge et al might not have to file anything at all. The judge can just cite Schmaleldt's own exhibit in his dismissal order. And if he's denied a welfare lawyer, he'll just waddle away until he can humiliate himself in a new federal circuit.

    I seem to remember being told that he enjoyed being the plaintiff, but he isn't any better at it than being a defendant.

  2. I'm amazed that the glorious dumbfuck seriously thinks that anyone would outline ALL of the ways in which his case fails.

    Of course, he's never figured out the one fatal flaw in every case he has ever been a part of, and it's hardly a secret.


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