Refresh My Memory Here

Can anyone recall about two years ago…what happened about three weeks after the last time DUMBFUCK made available to the World Wide Web a photograph of a bedridden “life partner?”

Bless xer poor inflatable heart.  

Click here to view Hideous Disrespect, the Sequel.  Don’t say I didn’t do what I could to protect you.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Refresh My Memory Here”

  1. Are you saying Bill is trying to kill himself? Because whatever that is in the bed looks exactly like dumbfuck.

  2. Anyone who can photoshop that into anything deserves my respect for being able to keep that on screen for the necessary length of time.

  3. That guy Bill Schmalfeldt has shacked up with is as ugly as the guy's cat. But then, the guy had to be really desperate to move in with Bill.

    And please God tell me Bill at least surrendered Boris and Jake to a shelter, and didn't just poison them and bury them in the back yard before moving out of the rental.

    1. Someone other than me needs to respond to the lovebags' little conversation on Twitter, "Beauty may be skin deep, but Schmalfeldt goes clear down to the bone."

  4. If, and it's a big freaking IF, that is a human (???) other than Bill in that bed; they should be made aware that posting "loving: photos of highly insured soulmates is a classic Schmalfeldt move.

  5. I still click and then wish I hadn't.... but I don't believe any "real, live" woman would be ok with that photo being put on the internet... billy boy continues to demean the "women" he claims to love....what a pos...


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