15 thoughts on “Phrase of the Day”

  1. Still not a female. One would think it would at least rent a female.
    Ok maybe not, given its proclivities.

  2. Apparently we're all Krendler again.


  3. Bill's new fiancee is perfect for him. Any woman who would shack up in a cheap motel with a man like Bill, who has abandoned two families and drove a third one to the grave, who routinely adopts animals as some type of virtue signalling only to abandon them as needed, collects 9 restraining orders (10 if you count my renewal as a new one) in a span of 2 years, faked Parkinson's for 16 years to claim disability and use it as a shield - any such woman must be as soulless and shallow as Bill and have all the self-esteem of a banana slug. The two of them are perfect for each others, and they do the world a huge favor by keeping anyone else in the world from experiencing the extremely soul-draining experience of being involved with one of them.

    I colored a skank named Reno just to watch her dye.

    1. Well obviously he had to get rid of his other dog after meeting his new Rent-A-Boi

      he can't be expected to "take care" of two dogs now can he??


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