Ooh! Logic Puzzles!

So, if Grady’s Twitter was disabled and he can’t follow anybody now…

But I can continue to read anyone’s Twitter feed I want because FUCK YOU I’M A ZOMBIE, I DO WHAT I WANT…

Then that would mean…

Let me see…carry the 3…group like terms, add a DUMBFUCK, multiply by infinite stupidity…convert to common denominators…



Bless her li’l inflatable heart.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Ooh! Logic Puzzles!”

  1. Thanks, Krendler, I want to throw up now. Bill's ugly lady thing would look better with a dick me thinks.

  2. DAMN
    that level of stupidity shows that Shakey McFakerPDson is definitely in charge of THAT account.

    he's not even trying to make it look like a different person.

    that has got to be the FUGLIEST costume mask I've EVER seen.

    1. How can you tell who it is? That fuscia line makes it impossible to tell.

  3. As long as you were obscuring parts of the pic, why not cover up Rauhauser's goiter? Now my poor intern has to wash vomit out of my office trash can. Mine and hers, because she looked at my monitor when i called her in to get the can.

      1. What better place to hide out than behind an oversharing blowhard DUMBFUCK?! It's gotta be him.

  4. The twitter name "I have two bald pussies" confuses me. Is this referring to the cat and Mr.Fakinsons? Or Mr Fakinsons and his mangina that he happens to shave? Or do they have two cats? Or should I embrace the power?


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