Now This Is Interesting…

Here’s a list of several pleadings that were docketed today in Hoge v. Kimberlin et al:

Notice that the first two documents listed above are dated May 16 and May 23. I included them so that I could show that the remaining list includes all the filings that have been accepted since that date.

So we have

  • a motion from Defendant 4 (that’s Bill Schmalfeldt) regarding Friday’s Pretrial Hearing.  If I had to guess, he’s probably begging to be allowed to appear via Skype and record the proceedings on his iPhone.
  • a motion from the Kimberlins regarding Friday’s Pretrial Hearing.  Again, if I had to guess, probably a lot of pissing and moaning about not ever going to cooperate with Hoge, not going to show up at the hearing, piss on you Judge, blah-blah-blah.
  • a Rule 2.504.2 statement from the Kimberlins outlining all sorts of evidence they intend to introduce at trial.
  • another Rule 2.504.2 statement from Defendant 4 (Bill Schmalfeldt) listing all sorts of evidence he intends to introduce at trial from blogs and Twitter accounts that he told John Hoge he had no way of providing to him when he asked for them during discovery.
  • Finally, a Motion from Defendant 4 (Bill Schmalfeldt) to Amend his Response to Plaintiff Hoge’s Motion for Summary Judgment.


Do you think he means THIS motion for Summary Judgment?

The one that was also entered on May 16th, at the same time as Plaintiff’s Motion for Discovery Sanctions against Defendant Schmalfeldt?

Reviewing my docket numbers…I see 151/0 just above right here, and a continuously numbered list running from 152/0 to 158/0 beneath it.

So if Bill Schmalfeldt is requesting to Amend his Response to this Motion for Summary Judgment…wouldn’t there first have to BE a Response to Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment?

(It doesn’t take a genius to foresee a motion to strike just around the corner, folks.)

But it’s not there.  Neither is the promised Response to Plaintiff’s Motion for Discovery Sanctions.

That’s damn strange.  Unless those responses were incomplete for some reason related to Rule 1-323? Just maybe?

After all, DUMBFUCK gotta DUMBFUCK.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Now This Is Interesting…”

  1. Let's face it Krendler, you are guessing..

    You are guessing that Willie bothered to read 1-323 in a timely manner. If he didn't, you can scarcely expect him to have complied with it. The court will surely see that logic.

    In any case, you are forgetting that Hoge had a duty to explain the rule on his blog.

    And you have forgotten about secret pardons. If there are secret pardons, there must be secret dockets. You need to look there before engaging in wild speculation.

    Still, your guesses are amazingly plausible for a zombie.

  2. Its almost as if the courts in Maryland are following there own rules and DF being a DF doesn't understand the plain reading of Rule 1-323.

  3. The Blob tried to amend his statement that he never received the interogiteries, but I got $100 that says he still didn't fix the most glaring violation!

    1. Keep digging, Bill. Harder and faster. Soon you will pop out of the ground somewhere in China, safe and sound.

      1. I think he's going for the court to hold him for a psych evaluation on it's own, saves him the embarrassment of trying to plead mentally incompetent like last time he tried.

  4. It's a shame. Ms. Kelley exhibits a degree of mental retardation which leads me to believe she isn't smart enough to see the perils of association with Shakes.
    I don't think they make an urn clock large enough.

  5. I may have missed it (I have to admit I haven't read all filings in their entirety) but hasn't something been entered I to the record regarding Mr. Fakinsons recording something he shouldnt have recorded?

    If so, hopefully that's enough to overcome "because Maryland" when it comes to Stolen Valor Shmalfeldt begging to piss his pants in the privacy of his own hovel.

    1. Why yes! There is a show cause hearing scheduled for next month. I believe Bill is supposed to respond to the judge's order in advance as well. We shall see what he does. It's gonna be just awesome no matter what.

  6. Well as expected.

    Doc No./Seq No.: 159/0
    File Date: 05/31/2017Entered Date:05/31/2017Decision:
    Document Name: Order of Court that Defendant William Schmalfeldt may attend the Pretrial
    Conference via telephone. Copies to Schmalfeldt, Hoge, B. Kimberlin, T. Kimberlin, Osborne, Breitbart Unmasked, and Almighty Media.

    Doc No./Seq No.: 160/0
    File Date: 05/31/2017Entered Date:05/31/2017Decision:
    Document Name: Order of Court Denying Defendants Brett and Tetyana Kimberlins Motion regarding
    the 6/2/17 Pretrial Hearing - Defendants Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin shall attend the Pretrial Conference in person. Copies to B. Kimberlin, T. Kimberlin, Hoge, Osborne, Schmalfeldt, Breitbart Unmasked, and Almighty Media.

    What you wanna bet that the judge has old bill swear under oath that his cell phone is off.

    1. That's for the pretrial. Nothing in there says he doesn't have to haul his ass to MD for the Show Cause hearing. You know, the one where he needs to explain to the judge what the court's own rules actually say.

      1. It should be fun to see him request to be allowed to appear for that via Skype.

        You know he will.

        1. I do believe the order entered into the record says for Fat Bastardson to appear personally for the show cause hearing, but I may be wrong.

          I'd think his summons would state whether or not he could Skype.

          Regardless, Shakey will still demand to be allowed to Skype because who is the judge to think he can tell Shakey what he must do in a case before said judge???
          At least that seems to be Shakey's take on the matter, we don't call him Dumbfuck for nothing after all.


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