8 thoughts on “Not Only Is It Stupid AF”

  1. Seriously, you think any living human would have anything to do with him? Well, other than that dude he is paying to pose in the wig.

  2. He could at least try and find a dude that looks a little feminine . And can shave without ripping the shit out of their face. Or knows what shampoo is for.

      1. while its painfully obvious Shakey went cheap and bought an out of the box "gently used" and woefully out of date blow up to play his pretendy Soulmate 4.0,

        one has to wonder why he didnt at least try to get a Female one.

    1. No, no, Howard! It's all good! DUMBFUCK'S tiny neeedledick will pass through there completely unscathed.


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