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  1. He doesn't understand the definition of "courtroom" and the few words that explains it in a Merriam-Webster Dictionary. He thinks a judge determines if the products of discovery are suitable to the party making the request. How would a judge know if the products are suitable?

    This rule has a whole bunch more words, many of which are beyond the comprehension and understanding of a... I mean.. the GS-13 writer that Bill claims to be.

    1. yes for me but here is the link.


  2. I just want to see how many contempt hearings my lulcow can rack up in one case. He's already up to two.

  3. Ordered to produce documents by an increasingly angry judge.

    Answers "no". With the occasional "fuck you, Hoge!" thrown in for good measure.

    Will be utterly surprised that the results are painful, severely income reducing, and not in his favor.

    Yup, that's how my Cousin rolls...

    King of the DUMBFUCKS.

    1. The Lords are assembled. Mood in the hall is dark. Conversation abounds but is muted.

      Bill Schmalfeldt sits at the head table. A blow-up doll to his right and Hillary Clinton sitting next to it. Elizabeth Warren, wearing a full-blown Indian head-dress (feathers and everything; this thing is expensive) sits to Bill’s left. Next to her, even further left sits Lord Bernie.

      A very very young-woman, relatively (late thirties; but that’s a child in Democrat party terms) stands up. Brown hair streaked with highlights- Her voice rings out, steadily calm, belying her youthful years.

      “Lord Soros, when Lord Schmalfeldt required legal assistance you refused the call.” Soros looks down at the floor.

      “Lord Bunny Boy, when Lord Schmalfeldt required brothers in the court you found a way to duck out. You refused the call.”

      “Lord Kimberlin, you refused any more than the barest legal advice. And certainly no overall strategy. You refused the call. Despite multiple multiple pleadings from Lord Schmalfeldt.”

      Warren intones ominously, “Heap big trouble.” Ms. Clinton thinks, “Stop grandstanding, bitch-“ She keeps those thoughts to herself because who knows if the alt-right is in the room waiting to report to Fox News…

      In the back of the room and off to the left, Bill Clintons’ eyes narrow. One hand on his cigar and the other on the serving girls’ ass. He leans forward ever so slightly.

      Lady Chelsea speaks again. “House Mezvinsky ANSWERED Lord Schmalfeldts call and will always answer! Lord Schmalfeldt is a worthless SOB but the Noam Chomsky’s blood runs through his veins. He’s my king from this day forward and until he dies; either from Parkinsons or one too many pizzas. He’s MY king! KING OF THE DUMBF5KS!!!”

      Kimberlin grabs his happy meal and hops out of his high-chair. “Fuck this”, Brett says. “I didn’t sign up for this. I’ve had to carry this loser the entire time and everything he does makes things worse. For both of us. AMF to all you losers!!! I’m outta’ here!” Brett stomps off.

      Soros rises. Walks to the middle of the room and kneels. Plants his checkbook down to the ground. “Lady Chelsea speaks harshly but true. I did refuse the call. I was busy fomenting, and paying for, violence at Berkeley and in Portland. Seattle, DC, and others- I see the error of my ways but pledge forthwith to support Lord Schmalfeldt, KING OF THE DUMBF5KS!!!”

      The ghost of Che materializes at the head table. “Viva la REVOLUCION!!!”

      “SHUT THE FUCK UP ASSHOLE!!!”, Hillary shouts- “It’s people, and ghosts, like you who cost me the election! NEVER announce the endgame ahead of time else the Sheeple may come to understand you can’t get something for nothing. That nothings ever FREE! Begone oh spirit of the clueless left!!!”

      Lord Bernie stirs. “Did I miss something? Thought I felt disharmony on The Left.”

      Lord Bunny boy gets up. Kneels and plants the keyboard from his Mom’s computer in the ground. “Lady Chelsea shames me as well. I thought only of myself. That and the fact that I’m down to less than a 1/4-bag of weed. But from this day and until his dieing day I acknowledge Lord Schmalfeldt as KING OF THE DUMBF5KS!!!”

      The hall bursts in a frenzy.




      Schmalfelds leans back. Clearly the game’s afoot.

      Bill Clinton watches.

      A cartoon frog slips away from a window outside.

      Macintosh however, knows all sees all and transmits all. To Zombie Central.

      Obi-wan Hoge already knows, though- “All is proceeding as I’ve foreseen.”

      1. BTW, William-

        Later on, this evening, I realized you might not recognize the reference. Cable being expensive and all that.

        Here it 'tis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXAnxAA73xM

  4. Let's just say "That envelope ain't big enough, DUMBFUCK." You came up short yet again.

    1. I always assumed that coming up short was Boom Boom Kimberlin's job.

  5. OH come on guys, let him bluster all he wants..

    after all HE is the one who has to find a way to Maryland to explain to the judge why he the law doesnt apply to him.

    he'll be begging to not be held responsible for his own actions (yet again) soon enough.

    1. You get to return empty liquor bottles for a deposit refund in the U.S, right?

      In Schmalfeldt's case, that should pay for a trip to Saturn. Maryland would just be a rest stop.


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