16 thoughts on “Inflatable Boyfriend”

    1. To quote John Oliver from this past weekend, it has a mouth that looks like a cemetery after an earthquake.

        1. At some point, Cousin will (over)share the diagnosis...

          Pool signup is in the break room! I've already put my markers on "herpes simplex II" and "secondary syphilis".

  1. Damn, I do hope Shakey keeps the cleats he keeps crank stomping himself in court with, far way from his new inflatable squeeze.

    I'd hate to see him live tweet it's slow demise as all the hot air he's blown into slowly seeps out.

    but there is always a bright side, maybe after he damages it enough he can trade it in on an actual female model.

  2. You know, that thing looks an awful lot like Neal Rauhauser. Anybody seen him lately?


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