“Great Podcast, Today” Said Sir Gamma to Lady Dyejob

Fun fact of the day – numerous studies have shown that the lies we tell ourselves are much less emotionally taxing than the lies we tell others, regardless of how big the lie is.

The only group where this is not universally true is among malignant narcissistic sociopaths.

You could look it up.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

9 thoughts on ““Great Podcast, Today” Said Sir Gamma to Lady Dyejob”

  1. What would make their podcast truly great is both their vocal chords spontaneously combusting on air.

    I'd buy that for a dollar.

  2. I see that Sir Fatass and Lady Douche are hawking Onyx the fuggly cat swag.

    Will be as successful as his GoFundMe scam...

    1. I'm a seriously hooked "cat guy." Sphinxes do look kind of unusual, but at heart they're like any other cat.

      That having been said, I am pretty sure that even if I wasn't a cat guy, I'd feel nothing but pity for the poor feline trapped in those circumstances.

      1. I'm already wishing it blindness. Can you imagine the horrors that poor thing has borne witness to? Darkness would be merciful.

        1. In every picture that cat has looked tense, stressed and/or pissed off. And no, that wasn't resting bitch face that the Oriental body-based cats have naturally. And then there was a video I saw where it was clawing at a pizza box.

          All I can say is that I have a large network of people who can provide a decent home for that poor thing should push come to shove. No cat should be that stressed out.


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