Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!

Carl DeLong is the dead one with the missing leg. Don’t forget how he came to lose it, you worthless piece of shit.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

17 thoughts on “Good Morning, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. I wonder if Schmaleldt has ever excelled at anything other than being a scumbag.

    I hear there's a cure for that.

    1. I hear his Daddy taught him how to suck a dick like nobody's business. Not interested in finding if that's true.

  2. It occurs to me to remark about Shakey eagerly licking the excreta from Kimberlin's (probably well-used in prison) bunghole, but that would probably get him all hot and bothered.

    After all, he's already in his sweaty-palmed happy place from crapping on the memory of a man whose shoes he's not even fit to shine.

  3. You know what sickens me, you fat fucking shitbag?


    Everything about you.

    Stolen Valor douchecanoes like you should be run out of this country on a rail.... your and veteran status revoked.

    As a veteran of the USA, it sickens me that you would even attempt to look down and minimize MAJ DeLong's valor. You... who literally whines on the internet like a mewling pussy the second things get a little too tough for you. You wouldn't last three seconds in actual combat... much less than living with the pain that your excellent midget bombing buddy caused a TRUE American hero.

    It sickens me that you attempt to use your now disgraced veterans status to make political points. In my eyes, you have forfeited any honor you may have earned as veteran... you are just another lefty piece of shit, like Manning and Bergdahl

    Go fuck yourself, you worthless goldbricking shitsucker.

  4. I would love to see a side by side, unredacted comparison of William "I steal valor and fake Parkinson's" Schmalfeldt's service record against a REAL soldier like Carl DeLong (who probably didn't tell them to put the self-proclaimed nickname "doc" in his graduation photos) just to see how much of a lazy shitbag Mr Fakinsons is.

    Hey I just had an epiphany.. The probably call him doc because of how much time he was seeing one during his "service" to avoid having to do real work.

    Tl;Dr - fuck you shmalfledt. I can't wait for you to drop dead and hopefully you suffer a shit ton along the way.

  5. Willie just managed to provide many fresh links to Kimberlin's bombing spree, its victims, and his lack of remorse. That is a valuable albeit completely unintentional service to humanity.

    Notice that John did not need to mention why DeLong died or that a jury found Kimberlin responsible for that wrongful death. John was confident that Willie would bring it all up and thereby rub Kimberlin's nose in it while demonstrating once again Willie's foolishness and lack of humanity.

    I wonder if Kimberlin ever regrets affiliating with Willie, who never, ever realizes that silence is often prudent and is out-thought by John several times a day.

  6. William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr., rapist.

    It's in the court documents, now, forever, memorialized by his own court filings:

    The one where he sued me for publishing the accusation.

    And the request for dismissal with prejudice, where he admitted it was true.

    Guess how you'll be remembered when you are dead and gone, Cousin Bill?

    I'll be laughing...

    1. I won't be laughing. After his insult to a REAL service men and women recently I'll be making a point of knowing when this piece of shit finally croaks. I will be pissing on his casket before it hits the bottom of the grave. Its not like anyone will be there for the funeral except the groundskeepers who will probably thank me for my service.

      1. We will be there shoulder-to-shoulder, brother. Like true comrades at arms...

        Unlike lying, Stolen Valor assholes.

  7. Reminds me that I need to write, printout and mail a letter to my senators.

    !. Asking them to investigate how a convicted terrorist bomber can fly to Hawaii with no problem, i.e. why is he not on the NO FLY list. Did Brett Kimberlin fly to Hawaii under his own name or did he use a alias?

    2.How this same convicted terrorist bomber who also is a convicted forager and scam artist can run--the day to day operations, control the money--TWO tax-exempt foundations with no IRS supervision. You would think that the name Brett Kimberlin would at least make the IRS take a look.

    1. Hey Bill Schmalfeldt you claim to be an investigative journalist why don't you investigate those two question.


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