6 thoughts on “Well…”

  1. Did Shakes just admit to the Twitterverse that he was banging Lady Die while Gail languished in puddles of her own sick and filth?

    You got a keeper, ginger.

    1. Didn't he do the same thing in New York City? If memory serves, there was an XMFan thread between him and the Bobber detailing the whole sordid affair.

      Poor Gail. She deserved better.

    2. Well, if he can say I "admitted" to visiting OurTime.com (I never did, Lardass, out mutual pal digitaltuna, whom you faildoxed provided that picture), then I'm sure that by the same standard we can say he admits to sticking it to his dying wife by sticking it to his new girlfriend.

      He's done it before.

  2. Why is he still harping on about Patrick G Grady being Krendler, he has in his possession information that would prove Patrick G Grady is Krendler if he in fact was.


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