This Was Just Good

A student created a PowerPoint presentation and sent it to her crush explaining why he should date her.

Even though the results were suboptimal…

…it was still kind of cute.  Plus it went viral, she got noticed and will probably have suitors coming out of the woodwork now.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “This Was Just Good”

  1. Damn, I've done a ton of PowerPoints. All it ever got me was a "good job" and a year end bonus. I had NO idea that a Microsoft product could help you get laid.

    1. Yes the r^2 is very impressive although I am not sure that the comparison to a human head is particularly appealing. Heads are frequently quite hairy, and, although my experience is not exhaustive and my taste may be unusual, I prefer boobs to be far less hirsute.

        1. That would work in many cases, but, to be a universal solution, it would have to come in nice flavors.


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