13 thoughts on “The Thing About Karma”

  1. I remember that threat. The only thing that came out of it was that the tiny pedo got his ass kicked by all of them and is now adjudicated in a court of law as being a pedophile. And then Bill got his ass kicked by Walker. That would sound really impressive if he also didn't get his ass kicked by a three-year-old in a protective order hearing. Bwahahaha. Also he still can't tell when he is following his stupidity into yet another minefield. Restraining orders in double digits soon?

  2. Internet Tuffguy tries to be internet tuff....


    Still waiting for all your bloviated Doomy Doominess....

    Been years now....


  3. I'm not going to go look, but he's obviously in the whiny, pathetic, sand-filled vagina part of the schmycle. He's every bit as predictable as wacko Deb Frisch. And even worse looking. Which is difficult.

  4. Patrick Grady is gonna be surprised to find out that he drove round trip 6 hours to clintion Ia last weekend. The clintion police will be just as surprised to find that they have interrogated him, and he has made a full confession.

    1. Fatman Podcast‏ @FatmanPodcast 4h4 hours ago

      CPD informs me Patrick Grady admitted to vandalism, shared blame with @wjjhoge for suggesting it. Being a rat must be a heavy burden. #proof

      Fatman Podcast‏ @FatmanPodcast 4h4 hours ago

      Did Patrick Grady REALLY just rat out @wjjhoge for ordering last weekend's vandalism? Cops have @paulzkrendler's fingerprints. My, My, MY!!!

        yeah, right...sure...*snort*

        Fat Bastardson must have had some REALLY good hallucinations while undergoing his "procedure" the other day.

        But for his sake I do hope the police in MD, who are VERY familiar with Bill, are generous with the truth about him should the Clinton PD contact them.

        1. Clinton PD became aware of "Google Bill Schmalfeldt", within 48 hours of his arrival in town.

          No worries about Bill's latest lame-o "psyop". Once again, he's projecting his willingness to rat out his cohort onto his enemies...

          To no avail. We've googled him, you see, which pulls his fangs.

      2. Perhaps the CPD, having Googled Bill Schmalfeldt, has decided to troll them a DUMBFUCK. That would be epic.

      3. Obviously not.

        Seriously, no one with one neuron in communication with another would think anyone would believe those assertions. The real world doesn't work that way.

        Phone, train.


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