Some Questions Are Answered Before They Are Even Asked

Why would DUMBFUCK move away from his hometown after just a couple of months?

Oh. Well, I guess that explains it. People know him there.

And he got fired.

Like Bob said, those many years ago…”That poor girl.”


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

17 thoughts on “Some Questions Are Answered Before They Are Even Asked”

    1. I would think that the Social Security Administration would be interested in how he's so disabled that he's picked up and moved to three states in under two years.

      Will there be a radio gig in meth-lab country that'll only last a few weeks? Tune in and find out!

  1. "Lame" is an adjective that admits of degree. Bull Shit (that is BS's legal name right?) has been recorded needing a walker to traverse a sidewalk along a lakefront. I suppose there are people lamer, but I truly doubt that most zombies are less ambulatory than Weeping Willie.

    Some people where he now resides may already know him, and more will inevitably come to know him. That leaves open the question of when he feels that he must decamp lest too many people there come to know him. To alter the old song: to know, know, know him is to puke.

  2. OpSec keeps me from claiming any credit, in this instance.

    Besides, the locals couldn't find a sturdy enough rail, although tar and (none too clean) feathers were available in abundance.

    1. Their mistake was looking for wooden rails. I am sure they could have obtained steel rails from the closest railroad.


      They did try steel rails, and even they couldn't bear the load. OK. I admit I-beams are not generally lying around loose, and maybe they don't count as rails.

  3. It's queer that one alleged man could have so many "My Towns".

    Oh well, better order another World's Stupidest Man™ statue then.

  4. Great, with my luck he'll end up living next door to me.

    Wait, I don't live in a trailer park. Or under a bridge. I have a nice, small home in a safe neighborhood in a nice piece of the country.


  5. Shakes better think twice about ND, he may not get a friendly reception.

    A recent note from a friend said:

    I was working on an oil refinery deal in ND. New build, green field project. A couple of hooligans came in to town, and started terrorizing the residents. Drugs, school, stuff like that. Well, they weren’t seen for about a month. People thought they moved out of town. Then one day in October a wandering pheasant hunter came across 2 guys hung in a tree. They had been there for several weeks. They were also shot. The sheriff investigated of course, and he concluded that it was an obvious suicide. Case closed.


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