Let’s Get This on the Record and Out of the Way Right Now

During yesterday’s wonderful monkey dance by the Great Weeping Pussy of Clinton, Iowa, this tweet appeared:

No one who has observed DUMBFUCK for more than a weekend or so is unfamiliar with his distaste for anyone who sticks their booger vault into someone else’s business.  Why who could forget the many times DUMBFUCK himself stuck his own mucus repository into Aaron Walker’s business?  If there is anything one can glean from those episodes, one thing is clear:  Bill Schmalfeldt has nothing but contempt for people who play a lot of video games.

I guess it’s a good thing he doesn’t know anybody like that.

But I digress.

This coward in Iowa will not put up with people who go and insert themselves into conversations where they haven’t been invited to reply!

Say, what’s my Twitter handle doing in those tweets?


I should amend my prior statement.

This coward in Iowa will not put up with people who go and insert themselves into conversations where they HAVE been invited to reply, but who then proceed to thoroughly embarrass and cause to monkeydance the punkass shitsniffing cocksnogger who did the inviting. 

Because giant, sand-stuffed pussy.

But really, DUMBFUCK has a long and storied history of whining like a worthless bitch at the following times:

  1. when people stick their booger vaults where he doesn’t want them stuck;
  2. when people call him out for sticking his snotbank where he has no right to stick it;
  3. when people decide to engage the Amazon Vagina Warrior Princess du Jour behind whose skirts he is currently cowering; and
  4. any other time.

So when this tweet showed up in my notifications…


I thought it was interesting, someone sticking their booger vault into something that was none of their affair, to paraphrase an idiot. Unless of course that pussy went begging to his new Warrior Princess for aid and succor. But Big, Bad, Brave Billy would never do that just for someone he knows he could curbstomp, would he?



I’m confident you’ll figure out the technique by the sixth or seventh try. Will you be leaning on your cane or sitting in your walker?

He says he has a phone number.  He never calls.

He says he has an address.  He never writes and never drops by.

It’s not a tough riddle to solve…that puddle of urine isn’t going to mop itself up, is it, DUMBFUCK?

In any case, @redheadturkey was not part of the conversation.  Had not even been mentioned before appearing UNINVITED.  It’s the kind of thing that sand-packed weeping vaginas like the Coward of Clinton County simply will not countenance.

But what’s done is done. It’s on the record. It’s archived. When DUMBFUCK Bill Schmalfeldt makes CaptiveNurseReno his newest sword and shield, and cries “Look how they treat her…just for being fool enough to fall in love with me! (or words to that effect)” remember:

Reno/@redheadturkey CRASHED THIS PARTY of her own free will.  No one had spoken to her or about her…except DUMBFUCK. She stepped up and invited upon herself everything that may follow. I hope she’s smarter than her idiot boyfriend and knows better than to blame someone else for what she just stepped into.

And a last word of caution:  The Cowardly Lion will blame somebody, and who’s going to be handy in the Deep South?

Bless your heart, darlin’. Bless your li’l ole heart.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

11 thoughts on “Let’s Get This on the Record and Out of the Way Right Now”

  1. Did "that pussy went begging to his new Warrior Princess for aid and succor"?

    Of course he did. If there's one Great Truth about a DUMBFUCK, it's that he does the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.

    It wasn't all that long ago that he publicly tried to that with his previous soulmate's family. A truly hilarious silence ensued, indicating that his former in-laws don't hold him in particularly high esteem.

    By the way, is the new one (bless her heart) going to be Soulmate II? Inquiring minds need to know. Also, moving in together after a single weekend worked out swimmingly for Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. I remember jail time being involved. This should prove to be even more hilarious.

        1. Her first words over the dunes after they start doing 'the bad thing', "Is it in yet?" "Is that all there is?"

    1. Wonder how long until Soulmate II is charged with a domestic disturbance. She doesn't strike me as the type who will wipe up from spilled Depends for very long, bless her heart.

    1. Shanking might not be legal, but if he did try the same crap on her as he did on the late saint, any decent lawyer could probably convince a jury that it was justified pre-emptive self defense.

  2. other than Shakey's admitted less than trustworthy claim..
    do we even know whether or not she really exists?

    Seriously, I find it hard to believe Dumbfuck managed to find someone willing to be around him for long than 5 mins without payment, AND he's a fuggin liar so...yeah, Not buying it.

    1. Well, we know he attracts Teh CrayZee like flies to dogshit... so there's that to consider.


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