Last Night’s Dance Was Wild

Sort of a JWR-fueled, Twyla Tharp interpretive wishful wet dream, I guess.

Says the guy who spent a month spewing about the horse crap he sent himself, and STILL HASN’T SHUT UP ABOUT THE LETTER HE WROTE.

Looks like today will be the Hangover Hop.

Maestro, gimme a beat!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Last Night’s Dance Was Wild”

  1. You'd think all the exercise that allowed our lulcow to walk unassisted and drive long distances, sans LifeAlert, would help him handle his booze better. Unless he maintains doctors in each of the states he flees to during his whirlwind trip across America, his benzodiazepine and hypnotics have finally been cut off.

    Also, it can't just be me who is left with a bad taste in my mouth over the Diminished Capacity Kid's constant references to analingus, can it? It's just like him to take something beautiful and make it ugly.

  2. Can't we please make the usage of "methinks" a capital crime.

    Does Fake-N-Shake see a world of posts like "Huazzah! Yonder lies the vaunted Dumbfuck of Clinton whoeso hateth the world he posteth fervently e'en through the besotted hours of the night as morn approacheth".

    No. Nobody writes or speaks like that.

    Did you get fired from NIH and No Listeners FM in Clinton because you kept trying to use clichéd anachronisms all over the place?

    Ditch the cutesy medievalisms and just write in todays vernacular you purulent git.

    1. I saw the Purulent Gits at a small club in Winnipeg in '83 during their first tour, Sure, I was underage, but the doorman was my cousin. That's where I learned that my mom was wrong and spitting in public made you cool.

      After they got famous, everybody said they were there, but I still have the ticket stub.

    2. I still like "syphilitic catchfart" as a Shakespearean-style insult. Plus

    3. Not to mention, "methinks" really, really needs something after it. It is never found as a stand alone, elipsis or merely implied elipsis not withstanding. If he really felt the need for a word beginning with "M" after "Guilty conscience?", it should have read "Guilty conscience much?"

      Every time that critter gets tweeting he shows why his old job was so ecstatic at being able to give him a bad review and then get him out of the office.

      And those of us who can actually read and write English at better than a 3rd grade level put our heads in our hands and wonder why our tax dollars were being used to pay someone to write who so obviously couldn't.

      1. The use of the word by him is also a provable (as opposed to probable) lie.

        There's a long list of things that Bill Schmalfeldt is famous for. Thinking isn't one of them.


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