6 thoughts on “Hey, Look! I Got A New Gig!”

  1. Don't forget to to take pictures of your rental and let everyone know where you live.

    Be careful of the curbs there. I hear they're hell on your tires.

  2. Watch out for the microphone. I hear rumors that the other DJs there complained of the brown stains on the end and the smell of ass on it whenever Schmalfeldt finished a shift. Might want to take some bleach wipes with you.

  3. You mad, Bro? Just because I took a whole year to find and blab the public record "seekrits" of a player who left the game two years ago, in yet another failed effort to intimidate the HZIC into silence?

    Nope. Laughing at you, ya fucking idiot. Where you gonna run to next, you shit-sniffing coward?


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