Guess What? This Is NOT a Krendler Free Zone!


It must be tough maintaining a @paulzkrendler free zone if you can’t stop stalking my website, donchathink?

But everyone knows you’re a lying, shitrolling, turdsniffing, pants-wetting, Depends-filling, crybaby sand filled vagina with testicles for feet. No one is surprised by you, because you’re played out and you have no game. No one is frightened by you, because you are an impotent loser with no self-control.

I pity your redheadturkey, whose weak insult Kung Fu lags behind even your nonexistent game, and stays in moderation until the quality improves.

(Keep trying though, hon…it’s adorable how pitiful you are. Someday you might reach a level where I feel like shredding you along with your new bae, but that’s a LOOOOONG way off unless you up your game in a hurry.  Pro-tip, sweetcakes – work on your signal-to-noise ratio.)

Now, why don’t you two runt-puppies get back under your porch until you grow some balls that you don’t have to walk with.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

2 thoughts on “Guess What? This Is NOT a Krendler Free Zone!”

  1. It's too bad there wasn't anyone else willing to give the poor woman any of the attention she was clearly craving. What an awful indignity, having to settle for an incontinent, incompetent, morbidly obese, impotent loser like Schmally.

    Bless her heart, indeed.

  2. Schmalfeldt told you to "stop BREATHING!". Death threat!!!! You can just go back and review his years of violent and threatening posts on his blogs and twitter to see what a danger he is. Oh, wait. No, you can't, because he has deleted all of it. Guess he really does have something to hide.

    As for his new girlfriend, I pity her.


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